The Disappearance Series Finale Preview: “Redemption”

The Disappearance concludes on CTV Sunday night with a final episode that’s rendered even more taut by the realization that this is it for the Sullivans’ story.

[Warning: general spoilers ahead.]

The Disappearance CTV

The Disappearance CTV

It’s a poignant hour during which the Sullivans realize the extent to which they have been duped and betrayed as the full weight of three decades of secrets finally bear down and the sins of the father/could-have-been father are visited upon all of Henry’s family for decisions he made out of cowardice.

Fred’s plan is laid out in a weaving of past and present as his intricate treasure hunt plays out against flashbacks of the days leading up to Anthony’s disappearance.

The Disappearance CTV

The Disappearance CTV

It’s one of those tales where nobody really wins, and there’s certainly another story to be told about where the family goes from here. I’d kind of love to see them revisited somewhere down the line, but I believe that this is formally the end, with no plans for a follow up.

The Disappearance CTV

Never say never, though. The series has done well, so maybe the very creative team who gave us these six exquisitely crafted hours will figure something out.

The Disappearance series finale airs Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on CTV. You can watch the first five episodes online now at CTV’s website and CraveTV. In case you missed it, check out our exclusive interviews with Peter Stebbings who directed the entire series, and Camille Sullivan, who plays Helen.

Update July 2019: The series is now airing in the US at midnight ET/11 pm CT Tuesday nights on WGN America. You can also stream the episodes on the network’s website.

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  1. maybe 6 months to 9 months…but 2 years?? unbelievable because of the mental state of the kidnappers..they wouldn’t have lasted 2 years..too mean

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