DC’s Legends of Tomorrow: The Cast in Their Own Words

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow makes its highly anticipated debut tonight, and what better way to get ready than to hear from the cast of the superhero series.

We spoke with some of the cast at both San Diego Comic-Con and New York Comic Con in 2015. Here are some highlights, and the press room videos.

Ciara Renée (Kendra Saunders/Hawkgirl)

  • She’s pleased that they went with the reincarnation timeline for the TV series rather than the alien timeline for Hawkgirl.
  • Kendra is working with the entire team, there is a focus on Hawkman and that relationship.
  • Although there hasn’t been a lot of interaction so far, Kendra and Sara have a lot in common, especially coming back from the dead.
  • Ciara says that flying is the coolest thing she’s ever done. It’s not the most comfortable experience, but she loves heights and says it’s totally worth it. Also, CGI wings are a blessing.
  • If she could play Kendra at any point in time, she wants to venture to 1920s France.


Caity Lotz (Sara Lance/White Canary)

  • She says that Sara’s not the most mentally stable character, so she’s curious to see how she interacts with the rest of this group.
  • Caity’s hoping for Katrina Law to appear because she loves Sara’s relationship with Nyssa.
  • She teased that there is a more serialized storyline on this show.
  • Rip Hunter is the one that brings this team together.
  • She’s wants to learn about the past life aspect of Hawkgirl, and would like to be paired up with Captain Cold and Heatwave, especially since she can see Heatwave and Sara clashing.
  • Caity loves the White Canary costume, especially since there’s no wig and no mask.


Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart/Captain Cold)

  • He told us that Captain Cold and Heatwave are there to add some “spice” to the team.
  • Captain Cold has the beginnings of a “code” that he will abide by, which may be why Snart would be a part of this. There’s something in him that potentially knows right from wrong; for example, his relationship with his sister. Also, he wants Lisa Snart/Golden Glider to appear on the series.
  • Snart will be the good guy if it serves his agenda. He doesn’t do it for altruistic reasons. He is being challenged to be a good guy, but wrestling with his edge.


Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer/Atom)

  • Brandon says that there’s been less pressure playing Ray Palmer rather than Clark Kent, but mainly because no one had played a live action Atom before.
  • What he liked about this role was the comedic aspect, and it’s part of why he took it.
  • Ray’s time away that we saw on Arrow leads him to join this group of heroes.
  • We will see Atom utilizing the suit in all its capabilities.
  • There’s a unique relationship between Ray and Victor Stein, both being the scientists on the team.

SDCC Videos by Melissa Girimonte. NYCC Videos by Kayti Burt. Copyright © 2016 The Televixen

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