Countdown to Psych’s 100th Episode

We’re a week away from Psych‘s “100 Clues” Clue-themed 100th episode, and we had a chance to join a press call last week with Timothy Omundson and Maggie Lawson. They were just as silly and easy with each other as when we visited them on set last May as they teased that the episode will blow our minds. “What aren’t you going to see in the 100th episode?,” was Omundson’s response when asked.  Lawson added that it will be fantastic. “It’s going to be silly. It’s going to be like non-stop. And there’s some crazy, [too],” she says.

Omundson was jazzed about the cast for the episode. “You’re going to see a cornucopia of some of the greatest guest stars, or certainly the greatest group of guest stars ever put together for our show, in one thing,” he says. Looking back on the journey to 100 episodes made both of them philosophical, although Omundson joked he had failed to get Lawson fired despite several attempts over the years.

“[It’s] just something you dream about but you don’t actually…believe or know that it’s going to happen. [The] whole experience has just been magical. And I think that we’re just all so grateful,” says Lawson. “And I feel like everybody…[the] writers,…the producers and cast [have] really grown and had this wonderful experience together that’s come across in a lot of ways on screen as well. And…the fans have just been so good to us and so dedicated and they’ve had so much to do with it.”

“I think for me just the fact that there’s been a journey [is what’s most signifcant],” says Omundson. “Because so often in television…you play the same beats, the same thing episode after episode after episode. And there’s such resistance to any kind of change, certainly on a procedural which, you know, technically we are. So I just feel so blessed that we’ve gotten to show colors, we’ve gotten to play these different things personally. It’s amazing what we get to do.”

And that’s just quick teaser. We’ll have more from our chat next week.

In preparation for the 100th episode, USA Network is giving viewers the chance to choose the who in the whodunnit. Click here for the countdown and online games. And check your local listings because cable network Cloo will marathon Psych‘s first 99 episodes beginning this Saturday night at 7 pm E/6 pm C. Click here for programming information.

Tonight’s episode is “No Country for Two Old Men,” the In-Laws homage James Roday teased in our on-set chat. Here’s a sneak peek. It airs tonight at 10 pm E/9 pm C on USA.

Photo courtesy of USA Network.


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