Chris Perfetti Talks Abbott Elementary Season 2

Abbott Elementary returned last week with an exciting start to Season 2. “Development Day” even included a cameo from beloved Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty. We learned what everyone had been up to over the summer, and got a preview of what’s in store this school year.

Ahead of the Season 2 premiere, we spoke with the cast of Abbott Elementary, including Chris Perfetti, who shared some thoughts on what’s coming up for his character, Jacob Hill.

Watch Abbott Elementary Wednesday nights on Global TV in Canada, and on ABC in the US.

The cast of Abbott Elementary with Philadelphia Flyers mascot, Gritty

Jacob went on an adventure to Peru over the summer break and learned American Sign Language. He’s returned to Abbott and eager to teach everyone ASL. Is this the year that the Abbott staff is going to see him as more than the frequent subject of their jokes?

I can’t speak to how the other characters view him. But one of the brilliant things Quinta and our writers have done this season is [now that] you are invested in these characters, we’re going home with them and digging deeper into why they are the way that they are. Very early on in the season, we’re going to learn why people think Jacob is the way that he is. There’s even a bit of catharsis and recognition on his part that will blow open a whole world of possibility for what could come next with the character.

Are there any specific characters you’d like to spend some more time on screen with this season?

The genius of Quinta Brunson is that she has drawn six very specific people. So, any combination is a recipe for disaster and comedy. I was very lucky in the first season that Jacob had opportunities to do that with each character.

Of the viewer feedback you’ve received so far, what’s resonated with you the most?

The most meaningful among the tsunami of good feelings coming [our way] are the teachers who say, “That is real.” It’s an authentic, genuine representation of what they go through.

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