Checking Into Combat Hospital

Tonight marks the series premiere of a new series, Combat Hospital. Another coproduction between Canada and the US, the series takes the medical drama to another level by setting it in Kandahar, in 2006, deep in the heart of battle.

Here’s a sneak preview for you to check out:

I had the chance to check out the pilot, and I have a few non-spoilery first impressions to share. These new team members at the NATO Role 3 Hospital, Rebecca Gordon and Bobby Trang, are immediately thrown into the deep end. Not only do they have to deal with potentially fatal injuries, it’s often against a backdrop of fighter jets overhead and the threat of bombs. The characters were on the two-dimensional side, but it’s still early and there’s time for them to develop. Overall, it was a little too soap-y for my liking, but I think it’s entertaining summer fare for those who enjoy a medical drama with a little something extra.

Combat Hospital debuts tonight at 10/9c on Global TV in Canada and ABC in the US.

Photo Courtesy of ABC

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