Catching Up With Covert Affairs Star Chris Gorham

Season 2 of USA Network’s hit series Covert Affairs kicked off last Tuesday, and we had the chance to sit in on a call with stars Piper Perabo and Chris Gorham. In the first of a two-parter, Gorham gives us a taste of what’s in store for his character, Auggie Anderson, during the upcoming season.

Do you think Auggie has changed compared to the first season?

I think the writers have done an amazing job in Season 2 because they’ve really taken all of the best parts of the first season and built on them. We really pick up right where we left off at the end of Season 1, not just with the plot but also with the character development. And so you will continue to see growth like you did last year. Part of what makes our show so great is that part of growing is making mistakes and they don’t always do everything right. And sometimes, the mistakes that they make can be the most fun.

Does Auggie have any really great new gadgets or devices that we can look out for this season?

Yeah, we do have some new stuff. None of it’s been incorporated into the story per se, but we do have some new things, some of which are new to us and some of which are not new to the world but I think might be new to audiences. For instance, Auggie uses an iPhone this year, which a lot of people don’t know is completely accessible to the blind – right out of the box. I wanted to make sure that we used that and we do. Another thing that he has this year – that I was asking for all last year but we just didn’t end up getting – is a portable Braille device. It’s a portable Braille keyboard and reader that he can take around, so when he’s away from his desk he can still not only input in Braille but read the Braille keyboard.

Is there more romance in store for Auggie this season, and will he continue to be a ladies’ man?

Yeah. One of our guest stars, Rebecca Mader, plays a woman that Auggie becomes romantically entangled with during that episode. And then there is at least one more relationship coming down the pike. We haven’t quite gotten there yet but I’m hearing rumors about it.

Will we see Auggie in the field again this season?

Yeah we will, and more than once. In one of the earlier episodes, Auggie gets out in the field with Annie to help her out on one of her missions, which was a lot of fun. And then a little later in the season, we’ll have kind of an Auggie-centric episode where Auggie’s out on vacation, we’re in Istanbul, and we get a flashback and see him in Iraq before he lost his sight and finally get the answer to the question of how he really lost his sight. So there’s a lot of really exciting field stuff for Auggie this year. And true to how we did it last year too. It’s all reasonable and makes sense. It all comes out of what he is capable and incapable of doing.

Are there any big developments in store for Auggie this season that you can share with us?

Yeah. In one of the earlier episodes – you know, Auggie’s got the CIA dialed in and he’s very good at what he does – and because of that he gets an opportunity for a major promotion. He really has to do some soul searching and decide what he wants his life to be like at the CIA and what he really wants to do. He gets this great opportunity because he’s performed so well but then really has to ask himself if at the end of the day, that’s what he wants and what’s going to make him happy. So it brings up kind of a crisis of conscience and a big potential turning point for him.

Catch Chris Gorham in a new episode of Covert Affairs Tuesday night at 10/9c on USA. And be sure to visit us tomorrow when Piper Perabo takes the spotlight in the second part of our feature!

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