#CastingShadow for American Gods is On!

One day after American Gods got the green light at Starz, fans have taken to Twitter to voice their picks for lead character, “Shadow Moon” — and so far, Jason Momoa is the frontrunner.

The project is now on Momoa’s radar, according to HuffPo. They quote him as saying the role is “spot on” and that he’d love to audition for it.

Check out this gallery featuring some of the most mentioned picks under the #CastingShadow hashtag, and let us know your picks in the comments below!

American Gods has been translated into over 30 languages, and won several awards. It’s the story of a war brewing between the old gods from the world’s religion and mythology, and the new gods like money, technology, media, celebrity and drugs. The protagonist, Shadow Moon, is an ex-con who becomes bodyguard to Mr. Wednesday, a conman and one of the older gods, as he gathers his forces to take on the new gods.

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