Cardinal Season 3 Finale Preview

Cardinal serves up another fantastic season finale Thursday night as both active cases break wide open.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

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Cardinal keeps pushing against the suicide designation of Catherine’s death and finally convinces Noelle to take another look at the circumstances. She makes a run at that while Cardinal, Delorme, and Commanda uncover Mama’s identity and move on her hide out.

Cardinal CTV

That doesn’t go exactly according to plan and soon they’re in danger of becoming Mama’s next victims. And Nikki (Sophia Lauchlin Hirt) and Jack (Alex Ozerov) have to decide which side of right they fall on. There’s a lot going on the finale, written by showrunner Patrick Tarr and directed by Daniel Grou.

Cardinal CTV

We get a balance of ferociousness as Mama starts to unravel and a quiet meticulousness as Noelle unpacks Catherine’s last days. When the truth bears out, Cardinal’s defiant relief is mixed with surprisingly restrained fury. All of those emotions conveyed through Billy Campbell are just amazing to watch.

Cardinal CTV

It’s a terrific cap to another strong Cardinal season that leaves us on more solid ground than where we began.

Cardinal CTV

We’re so glad Season 4 is already filming. We can’t wait to see the next chapter with these characters. Cardinal airs Thursday night at 9pm ET on CTV. You can watch the first two seasons and the first five episodes of Season 3 now on CTV’s website and CTV Go. Click here for all of our previews and exclusive interviews.

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