Cardinal “Mama” Preview

With just two episodes left this season, tonight’s revealing new Cardinal moves closer to uncovering the link between the Island Road killer and the ATM robberies.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Cardinal CTV

At home. Cardinal and Kelly finally open up about their shared grief over Catherine’s death. He receives new information about how she died, which sets him on a new path of inquiry.

Cardinal CTV

Jack reshapes the narrative around Lemur’s death and continues to pursue Sam. Delorme gets closer to finding out who he and Mama are — and what she’s capable of. That leads to a startling connect-the-dots with Cardinal realization about an old case.

Daniel Grou directs a script by Aaron Bala and Patrick Tarr based on a story by Noelle Carbone.

Cardinal airs Thursday night at 9pm ET on CTV. You can watch the first two seasons and the first four episodes of Season 3 now on CTV’s website and CTV Go. Click here for all of our previews and exclusive interviews.

Photos Courtesy of CTV

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