CAFTCAD Awards Introduce Canadian Designers to the World

CAFTCAD, The Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design, held its inaugural CAFTCAD Awards at the Aga Khan Museum in Toronto on February 10th. The evening was a long overdue celebration of the talented Canadians working in costume arts and design. In addition to the awards presentation, there was a display of costumes from several of the nominees.

CAFTCAD Costumes

Before the festivities got underway, we had a chance to chat with Cynthia Amsden, Co-Chair of the CAFTCAD Awards.

She told us about the importance of recognizing Canadian designers for their achievements, and introducing these talented people to the rest of the world.

The Canadian Alliance of Film & Television Costume Arts & Design is a relatively new entity. Amsden shared, “CAFTCAD has been around since 2008, so it’s only taken us 11 years to have our first award. The equivalent group in the United States — The Costume Designers Guild — is a 65 year old organization, and they did not have their first costume design awards until 1999.”

When reflecting on why this was the perfect time for the first ever CAFTCAD Awards, she reflected, “The stars aligned, interestingly enough, with The Shape of Water. [The film] got nominations all the way up to the Oscars, and people were realizing that [Canadians] can make costumes, and that we are world class.” She added, “It started with U.S. productions [filming] in Canada that were shipping their own designers.Then they stopped [bringing their own and started] using our teams of costume designers. Now, when they do ship up their own costume designers — like on The Handmaid’s Tale — it’s still a Canadian costume design team behind them. Our work is good, and if we don’t acknowledge it ourselves, no one else will.”

CAFTCAD Costumes

The awards aren’t just about celebrating the talented people creating these costumes; it’s about announcing their names to the world.

“In fashion, everyone knows who the designer is. You know when you’re wearing a Chanel. In costume design, they don’t know the names,” Amsden told us. “Canadian and international audiences have been watching films and TV shows that have been designed by Canadians for a very long time, [from] the show UnREAL to Denis Villeneuve’s films like Blade Runner 2049. These are all Canadian designers, and no one knows their names. That’s what the CAFTCAD Awards are about. Here are the people who are making these incredible textiles and building super suits for superheroes, creating new textiles and learning how to paint them. It’s truly amazing the art that goes into it. They’re Canadian, and after tonight, it’s the beginning of introducing the world to them.”

Here is the full list of recipients at the 2019 CAFTCAD Awards

Excellence in Crafts – Costume Illustration

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Season 2
Illustrator: Keith Lau

Excellence in Crafts – Textile Arts

A Series of Unfortunate Events – Season 2
Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, Breakdown Artist: Chance Lovett

Excellence in Crafts – Building

The Shape of Water
Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Seamstresses: Ying Zhao & Sylvie Bonniere

Best Styling in Commercials & Music Videos

Woods Canada “Is There”
Stylist: Marie- Eve Tremblay
Wardrobe Assistant (Toronto): Marie-Elyse McGuire, Wardrobe Assistant (Vancouver): Matea Pasarić

Best Costume Design in a Web Series

Chateau Laurier
Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer: Anna-Claude Biron, Wardrobe Assistant: Jennifer Jakob

Best Costume Design in Short Film

Costume Designer: Joanna Syrokomla
Assistant Designer: Robyn MacDonald, Costume Assistants: Tara Thomson, Kate Tabone, Alisa Moszynski & Jessica Stanton

The NABET 700-M UNIFOR Award: Best Costume Design in Low Budget Feature

Sgawaay K’uuna – The Edge of the Knife
Costume Designer: Athena Theny
Weavers: Kund Qayangaas Marlene Liddle, K’inggay ‘Iiwaans Georgia Bennett, Nalaga Avis O’Brien, Yaalth Swaansang Gene Davidson Jr., Wendy Van Riesen, Kerri Dick, Aay Aay Albert Hans, Lila Ridley, SGaanjaad Sherri Dick, ILskyalas Delores Churchill,Sylvia Young, Stitchers: Joanne Edenshaw, Leanne Leask, Su-san Brown, Debbie Schreiber, Catherine Waterer, Daniela Menendes, Alita Gorgichuk, Emily Noel, Tifany Edgars, Siiam Hamilton, Haida Designs: Hluugitgaa Gwaai Edenshaw, Jaalen Edenshaw. Hak’wanan Jay Bellis, Set Costumers: Meghan Paterson (supervisor), Haana Edenshaw, Su-san Brown, Hak’wanan Jay Bellis

The IATSE 873 Award: Best Costume Design in TV – Contemporary

Schitt’s Creek: Episode 405 RIP Moira Rose
Costume Designer: Debra Hanson
Assistant Designer: Darci Cheyne, Set Supervisor: Peter Webster, Buyer: Frances Cabezas Miller, On Set Assistant: Amanda Woods

The IATSE 873 Award: Best Costume Design in TV – Period

Anne with an E: 207 Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper
Costume Designer: Alexander Reda
Assistant Designer: Randi Littlefair, Set Supervisor: Maria Popoff, Truck Supervisor: Paul Breckenridge, Assistant Truck: Sheila Radovancevic, BG co-ordination: Clarke Stanley, Cutters: Lois Van Koughnet & Mary Furlong, Breakdown Artist/Dyer: Jane Edmondson & Julie Munson, Stitchers: Catherine Staltari, Anna-Claude Biron, Helena Davis Perry & Samara McAdam, Buyer: Liz Gregg, 2nd Assistants: Sara Brzozowski & Emma England

The IATSE 873 Award: Best Costume Design in TV – Sci-Fi/Fantasy

A Series of Unfortunate Events: 210 The Carnivorous Carnival
Costume Designer: Cynthia Summers
Assistant Designers: Phoebe Parsons & Kelsey Chobotar, Coordinators: Lorelei Burk & Courtney Mckenzie, BG Coordinator: Deanna Palkowski, BG Key Costumer : Natalina Sabithal, Costume Illustrator: Keith Lau, Key Breakdown Artist: Sage Lovett, 1st Assist Breakdown: Chance Lovett, Head Cutter: Devon Halfnight Lefluffy, Set Supervisor: Steve Holloway, Truck Costumer: Sanchia Wong, Key Set Costumer: Steve Oben, Prep Costumers: Chloe Sonnenfeld, Madeline McKibbon, Marcia Moir, Natalie Mason & Natasha DeFazio

Best Costume Design in Film – Contemporary

Hold The Dark
Costume Designer: Antoinette Messam
Los Angeles- Illustrator: Christian Cordella, Toronto- Buyer: Suzanne Alpin, Calgary- Assistant Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Hanne Whitfield, BG Coordinator: Shelley Goldsack, Buyer: Benjamin Toner, Breakdown Artists: Laura Anderson & Carley Laine Powell, Cuter: Cristina Sierra, Sticher: Lilly Sky, Set Supervisor: Charlotte Robertson. Morocco- Key Costumer: Rachid Aadassi, Set Supervisor: Christina Cattle, Dresser/Set Costumers: Azedine Ngar & Youssef Art Hamd, Ager/Dyer: Houcine El Bahja

Best Costume Design in Film – Period

The Shape of Water
Costume Designer: Luis Sequeira
Assistant Designer: Ann Steel, Costume Supervisor: Suzanne Aplin, Buyers: Sara Schilt & April Poppe, BG Coordinator: Amy Sztulwark, Assist. BG Coordinator: Hanne Whitfield, Set Supervisor: Rachel Archer, Truck Supervisor: Jay Barringar, Cutter: Tamiyo Tomihiro, Seamstresses: Ying Zhao & Slyvie Bonniere, Key Textile Artist & Dyer: Mélanie Turcotte, Breakdown Artist: Karen Rodd, Wardrobe Assistant: Lisa Prince, Costume PA: Marc Chabot

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