Caffeine – TV News – August 23rd Edition

Caffeine – TV News – August 23rd Edition

This week’s TV news brings us some more fall premiere dates, including the beginning of the end for a long-running fan favorite!

Premiere dates:

September 25th: Utopia, Sneakerheads

October 2nd: Warrior
October 4th: Pandora
October 6th: Swamp Thing (broadcast premiere)
October 7th: Devils, Coroner (U.S. season two premiere)
October 8th: Supernatural, The Outpost
October 9th: The Right Stuff
October 13th: Tell Me a Story (broadcast season two premiere)

November 15th: The Crown


Warrior Nun, Ted Lasso, Hitmen


The Society, I Am Not Okay with This, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

Other headlines:

Five writers have left All Rise because of the show’s treatment of race and gender and showrunner Greg Spottiswood’s behavior.

Ordered to series:

Amazon: A gender-swapped reboot of Dead Ringers from and starring Rachel Weisz
Showtime: Astronaut workplace comedy Moonbase 8

Pilot orders:

HBO Max: Anthology series Verbatim starting with the college admissions scandal

In development:

ABC: Surrogate pregnancy comedy Yours, Mine & Paul’s starring Sarah Hyland, parallel universe dramedy Why You Will Marry the Wrong Person
Annapurna: A series adaptation of article A Suspense Novelist’s Trail of Deceptions starring Jake Gyllenhaal
CBS: Sarah Cooper comedy How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings
Fox: Book club suspense novel adaptation Never Have I Ever
HBO Max: Beauty pageant mystery drama Miss NG
NBCUniversal: An adaptation of the psychological thriller Still series from Cobie Smulders
Picturestart/Lionsgate TV: A series set in the world of college fencing
Sony Pictures TV: Limited series National Enquirer
StoweAway Productions: Harriet Jacobs series Slave Stealers
UCP: A drama about the Little Rock Nine


The Boys: Jensen Ackles
The Crown: Elizabeth Debicki
Leverage: Aleyse Shannon
Sweet Tooth: Neil Sandilands
Vigil: Stephen Dillane, Lolita Chakrabarti, Daniel Portman, Lorne MacFadyen, Stephen McCole, Tom Gill, Lois Chimimba, Anita Vettesse, Bobby Rainsbury, Cristian Ortega, Lauren Lyle
The Wheel of Time: Sophie Okonedo, Kae Alexander, Kate Fleetwood, Peter Franzen, Clare Perkins

(Image courtesy of the CW.)

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