Annie May Face Her Greatest Foe Yet in Covert Affairs Season 5

Covert Affairs is back tonight with its fifth season, and this year, it seems that Annie Walker may be facing¬†her greatest foe yet — herself.

Warning: this contains some mild spoiler-ish info from tonight’s premiere, “Shady Lane.”

Our favorite CIA agent has returned to work, and while on her first assignment back, she has what I can best describe as an anxiety attack.

We don’t know where Annie was for the four months between taking down Henry Wilcox and returning to DC. There’s talk of a beach getaway, but Auggie and Calder have their doubts. One thing that we learn from the season premiere is that she has some serious baggage, and her time away involved a doctor and some type of treatment.

In the past couple of seasons, Annie had become a confident (and sometimes cocky) agent, and was more than willing to take risks or an unorthodox approach to a situation. Her isolation from “going dark” in Season 4 plus her actions and decisions may have caught up with her. Seeing her vulnerability and the toll that this life can take on a person is a good direction to take this character, and a contrast that I’m really looking forward to seeing explored more during Season 5.

I could be totally wrong about this theory, but whatever is going on with Annie Walker, my curiosity is piqued!

Check out this promo below, and tune in to the Covert Affairs Season 5 premiere, tonight at 10/9c only on USA Network.


Photo and Video Courtesy of USA Network

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