Anne-Marie Johnson Wants You to Watch The InBetween

Summer procedural The InBetween returns tonight with its third episode, and series star Anne-Marie Johnson hopes you’ll be tuning in.

I spoke with Anne-Marie in May just before the series premiere for the Fem TV podcast, and she was very excited for its debut. You can listen to the full interview here, but below are some highlights about The InBetween that she shared with me.

The InBetween airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC in the US, and at 10pm ET/PT on Global TV in Canada.

What excites you the most about your new series, The InBetween?

I’m very excited to be working and to be on a network. It’s sometimes complicated and difficult to promote a show that is distributed on a different platform — like Netflix or Hulu or Amazon — because it’s [available all at once] and is up to people’s habits of viewing to digest so many episodes at a time. [The InBetween] is good old-fashioned distribution of entertainment, and airs once a week at the same time. It’s an hour-long procedural that’s a combination of a crime and supernatural [genres]. It’s a very popular combination that viewers seem to gravitate [toward].

What can you tell us about the show?

It deals with a young woman named Cassie, played by the incredibly talented Harriet Dyer. She’s an Australian, and this is her first adventure in American television. She does an incredible job. Her character is able to communicate with those who are stuck “in between” — if you believe, in between hell and heaven, or what others would consider the life beyond. With that talent, she’s able to assist with crimes that have not been solved. It’s really well done and has a great cast.

The InBetween Anne-Marie Johnson and Paul Blackthorne

Who do you play?

My character’s name is Elizabeth Swanstrom, and I am the lieutenant of the squad of detectives who try to solve these crimes.

Where is the show set?

It takes place in Seattle, and the weather tends to make it scary. But we didn’t shoot in Seattle. We shot in Vancouver. The topography is very similar and it’s on the west coast. [Filming in Vancouver] was a wonderful experience.

Why do think people should tune in?

I hope everybody watches The InBetween. We shot 10 episodes [for Season 1], and I want it to be successful and see a second season. It’s scary and a little violent but it’s very good entertainment.

Photos Courtesy of NBC

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