On Set with Shadowhunters: Alberto Rosende

In our next exclusive Shadowhunters interview, we sit down with Alberto Rosende, the actor that we’ll be getting to know as Clary’s best friend, Simon Lewis.

Here are some highlights from our on set conversation:

  • Alberto wasn’t very familiar with the books when he landed the audition, but after reading the books, he considers himself a fanboy.
  • He sees a lot of who he was at 15 in the book version of Simon.
  • He told us a bit about how we’re introduced to Simon in the TV series.
  • Simon is true to who he is in the books, just a bit older.
  • Music is still a big part of Simon, and they’ve had some fun coming up with a list of potential names for his band
  • He teased the relationship between Simon and Isabelle when the series begins and how it evolves.


The series premiere of Shadowhunters is tomorrow, Tuesday, January 12 at 9/8c on Freeform (the network formerly known as ABC Family). International viewers, including Canada, can catch the series premiere on January 13 on Netflix. New episodes will premiere every Wednesday on the streaming service.

There’s still more to come from our visit to the set, including interviews with Matthew Daddario, Dominic Sherwood, and Katherine McNamara!

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