A Farewell to Dexter

The cast of Dexter visited San Diego Comic-Con this past July for one final panel and the opportunity to say farewell to their fans. The stars aligned that day and  my schedule allowed me to check it out. As we prepare to say our last goodbyes, I thought I’d share some of my favorite moments from their Hall H sendoff.

  • Some former cast members were resurrected for the panel, including Julie Benz (Rita), Lauren Vélez (LaGuerta) and Erik King (Doakes).
  • Michael C. Hall is a fan of The Hulk, and said that he thinks Dexter is a version of that character.
  • When asked about the lighter moments on set when filming such a dark show, David Zayas said that they did play football with a fake foot, but for the most part, he became accustomed to the gruesome aspects much like a real cop would.
  • Jennifer Carpenter says she’s a “live wire” until someone says cut and then winds down on her way home.
  • Vélez said that when she knew her character was going die, she wanted to do her best and honor that character. She said that it was a “gorgeous opus” for LaGuerta, and that she wanted to  – want to do your best, honor the character knowing that she was going to croak. A gorgeous opus. Wanted to “live it, taste it, [and be] in the moment.” Although she wasn’t surprised by LaGuera’s death, she wasn’t prepared for it, either.
  • Benz went through a mourning process with Rita. She wasn’t prepared for her character’s demise and it affected her on a deep level.
  • Carpenter insists that she still wants Deb to die by the end of the series. By going to the “bottom of the abyss,” she will have her own closure.
  • Michael C. Hall has always been on Dexter’s side. He also said that playing the character has been a “stress reliever.”
  • When we first met Dexter, he believed what he was telling us, but we were meant to be suspicious of what he was saying since he has a connection to things beyond the pragmatic. There are definitely some blurred lines when it comes to this character.
  • Desmond Harrington shared that Dexter may be a serial killer, but Quinn can be a scumbag. Quinn is a “mess” and may be a corrupt cop, but much like Dexter, Quinn does have his own “code.”
  • Near the end of the panel, it was Jennifer Carpenter who brought a tear to my eye. Although they had already finished filming the season, she said it wasn’t a wrap until they were with their fans to say goodbye.

Thanks to the cast of Dexter for eight remarkable seasons. You made television a very interesting place, introduced us to some of the most frightening and even endearing characters, and made us question the darkness that exists in all of us. Although it is the right time for this series to end, I am going to miss it.

The series finale of Dexter airs tonight at 9pm ET/PT on Showtime (9pm ET on The Movie Network in Canada).

Photo Courtesy of Showtime

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