The Disappearance Preview: Episode 3

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I don’t know about y’all, but I felt it in my chest when last week’s episode of The Disappearance opened with “Two years later.” Now that we know the absolute depth of the Sullivan family’s grief and suspension of normalcy, the mystery into Anthony’s disappearance is more heightened than ever.

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

This week, following the discovery of the graveyard in the woods, the case picks up for the police and the family. Not ones to rest and let the police run the show, the Sullivans step over and blow through the lines intended to allow the police to investigate without interference, putting their own lives in peril in the process.

Here’s the formal logline: Luke continues to look for a connection between his son’s disappearance and his father’s old case files while Helen is prepared to do whatever necessary to get information that could reunite her with Anthony. Despite Susan’s warning about working against her investigation, Henry continues his own search for answers.

The Disappearance airs Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on CTV. You can watch the first two episodes online now at CTV’s website. In case you missed it, our exclusive interview with Peter Stebbings, who directs the entire series, is here.

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