A New Mystery Unfolds – What is 2ndMass?

I received a rather interesting package in the mail today. I opened up an envelope expecting a screener or something along those lines to find this inside:

I removed the tape and packaging, and inside was a beat up, dirty Flip video camera.

There was also a tiny note that said:

“You have been chosen to join the 2ndMass. PRESS PLAY.”

Of course, I obliged, and watched the video:

The tiny note also contained a URL – 2ndmass.com, which I just had to check out. Here’s a screencap from the site:

You’ll notice there are coordinates given to a location, and a countdown clock on the site, and from the looks of it, there’s 9 days, 45 minutes and counting until something is revealed. The coordinates appear to be for San Diego, so my guess is that some of the mystery surrounding this will be revealed during Comic-Con, which begins in about 9 days.

There’s nothing I love more than a good mystery, and I’m getting a bit of a Cloverfield vibe from this. I have no clue what this is for, but whomever is behind 2ndMass, you have my attention! Looking forward to what’s revealed next.

Anyone else receive one of these packages today? Want to venture a guess as to what 2ndMass is?

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