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This past summer we were witness to the craziest post apocalyptic car chase to grace our scenes in Mad Max: Fury Road. But what would happen if you threw some zombies into an epic chase scene? That’s the question last week’s episode of Z Nation, “Zombie Road,” attempted to answer, and I’m not going to lie to you friends, it was a lot of fun.

On a road in the middle of nowhere, two bandits roll up to flipped over SUV. They’ve been laying down spikes in an effort to catch survivors off guard, ruining their cars, and stealing whatever supplies they find. As they go about their dirty business, something quick moves in the background, and before the bandits can react, they are mauled by the fastest zombie we’ve seen yet.

For some inexplicable reason, our group of survivors is now on foot. Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t they end the last episode by piling into a van? That’s neither here nor there, as the van is gone and they need transportation. As they come to the peak of a hill, they see a badass convoy roll down the road beneath them. Made up of a couple of vintage muscle cars, a cube truck, and an 18 wheeler with zombie skulls on the grill, these guys looks like they’re more likely to be causing trouble rather than falling into it. But when the same bandits from the beginning of the episode attack, our group rushes to help the big convoy.

With all of the bandits cleared out (for now), the group is introduced to Sam Custer, the leader of this convoy. They’re trying to outrun the nuclear fall out and are on their way to Edmonton to find some peace, quiet, and most importantly, sub-zero temperatures. Custer seems to think that zombies hate the cold … he clearly needs to talk to Citizen Z about his zombicicle experience. As thanks for their help, Custer offers them a ride and with a road full of bandits ahead, the group agrees … even though Edmonton is in the complete opposite direction of California. But a free ride is a free ride I guess.

The group splits up throughout the convoy: Warren and Vasquez (the hot bounty hunter dude … finally learned his name!) stand behind the cab of the 18 Wheeler with 10K in a crow’s nest on top so they can shoot anything that moves. Murphy, Cassandra, and Addy ride in the last truck, which is full of people dying of radiation poisoning (what could possible go wrong there?), and Doc rides in the Charger with a weird guy who goes by Wrecking Ball. Weird or not, Doc and Wrecking Ball become fast friends when the dude pulls out a joint made of “Z Weed,” a very potent strain of marijuana grown in zombie fertilized soil. The pair, along with Murphy, get nice and stoned before the convoy takes off, and Wrecking Ball tells them that the weed is grown in a lab in Minnesota, which is also working on an herbal cure to the zombie virus.

It doesn’t take long before the convoy finds trouble. Bandits roll up on them from all sides, and while the sharp shooters manage to take out some of them, Doc and Wrecking Ball are forced to abandon ship. The convoy stops to pick the two dudes up, but they’re not alone. The super creepy, super fast zombies are waiting for them. Custer’s got a name for these creatures: Blasters, the people who were simultaneously killed and turned by the nuclear blast. They’re unbelievably fast, resilient, and literally rip your face off to eat your brains. And Doc and Wrecking Ball are confronted by four of them. Murphy hops out of the truck, hoping to control these guys and get them to back off, but it doesn’t work. If anything, his attempt at telepathy has just pissed them off. The guys manage to escape their impending Blaster death, but the Blasters stay hot on their trail.

Blasters or not, Custer really wants his Dodge Charger back. He and his son (who is one of the sickly dudes in the medical truck) built it during happier times, and he’s desperate to cling onto that memory. The car is easier to find than you’d think, since Cassandra jumped onto the roof during the bandit attack and has bitten the throats out of all of the bad guys. Girl may be nuts, but she’s handy to have around.

With the car back in their possession, and Custer starting to look a little worse for wear from radiation exposure, Warren and Vasquez start to argue that they should take charge of driving the 18 Wheeler. The spat continues, and by the time they finally agree that Warren should at least be driving the Charger, the car is gone. Murphy, Cassandra, and Wrecking Ball have commandeered the Dodge Charger and taken off down the road. Someone really needs to keep a closer eye on that guy.

Custer is insistent that they keep moving on their way to Edmonton, but once the trucks finally get going again, the Blasters have caught up and it’s a blood bath. They jump on the medical wagon and have no trouble whatsoever biting, and quickly turning, all of the sickly folk in it. Addy grants mercy to Custer’s son, before making her escape, climbing to the front of the 18-wheeler. The Blasters follow, taking out any survivors (who aren’t part of the group we know and love) in their path. It isn’t long before the truck is completely over run, and even though Warren manages to push one of them into the tire bay in one of the bloodiest, most gruesome zombie deaths this season, it’s not enough.

All of our survivors jump off of the moving truck, leaving Custer to die by Blaster while still dreaming of Edmonton. Now our group is back to square one: no car, and no Murphy … a problem I feel like we’re going to keep seeing this season. But at least now they have an idea of where he’s going … just follow the Z Weed, right?

This show never fails to entertain me. It’s not brilliant or life changing in anyway, but you can’t deny that it’s really damn fun — and “Zombie Road” was no exception. I was definitely picking up on Fury Road vibes as the fight on the 18-wheeler played out, and it was awesome. Why wouldn’t you do an episode about a car chase with zombies? At this point, I think you’d be foolish not to.

I also kind of like that the goal of California has changed. Trying to track down Murphy at a lab that grows potent, zombie fertilized weed sounds like way more fun. Plus I found it super interesting that whenever Murphy blows a super into Cassandra’s face, she gets a little more human and a little less zombie. I always really liked her character, and want her to have more to do than running around looking like an 80’s hooker and looking at Murphy with puppy dog eyes. Fingers crossed they make it to the Minnesota lab this season. I want to meet the stoners who decided growing weed in dead zombies was a good idea, and I want them to cure Cassandra because she deserves better than this.

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