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You know the world has really gone to hell when other people are just as scary as the zombie apocalypse. This was the case last week on Z Nation, as a slew of bounty hunters descend on a small town to look for Murphy, leaving the group of survivors in the cross hairs. What follows is an hour of unadulterated chaos, as the group tries to catch Murphy while outrunning the bounty hunters, the bounty hunters are shooting everything that moves, and Murphy continues his quest to be free.

Picking up where the premiere left off, Murphy has just escaped his zombie strip club from hell with both the group and the sexy bounty hunter bro (who shall henceforth be known as BHB because I did not catch his name) hot on his trail. But before they can nab their zombie-man, a bunch of cars pull up filled with crazy people with guns.

Seriously, it’s like Smokin’ Aces in the apocalypse. You’ve got the serious looking dudes with skull bandanas on their faces (which BHB blows to pieces before they even get out of the car), you’ve got the crazy redneck dudes who share like, 5 brain cells between them, a soccer mom in a minivan with a shotgun, and a Latin guy in a nice suit with a bazooka. Chaos and gunfire immediately breaks out, and when bazooka man unloads, causing massive explosions everywhere, the group is forced to split up.

Murphy is a lot smarter than people give him credit for, and he swaps clothes with a zombie about his size, causing some people to chase after his decoy. Not everyone falls for it though, and Murphy has several close calls. Luckily for him, Cassandra has been turned into his attack dog, and they all end with her leaping on them like a crazy person and biting their throat (RIP soccer mom). The rest of the group doesn’t fair much better, all getting pinned down by one bounty hunter or another.

10K and Doc have tracked the real Murphy to an apartment complex, but they can’t get inside due to a pesky sniper. Doc tries to implement stealth tactics to get them inside, but 10K’s ears were blown out thanks to bazooka dude, so he just keeps shouting. Ah comedy. 10K uses his above average shooting skills to keep the sniper distracted, while Doc makes a break for it. He approaches the sniper and attempts to take him out, but the poor guy forgot that his old timey pistol (seriously, he looks like he picked up his gun in 1887) doesn’t have an unlimited chamber and he’s running on empty.

A struggle ensues, and it looks like we’re about to see the end of Doc as the sniper has him by the neck on the floor. Thanks to a handy out-of-body experience (actually though. Doc is floating above his almost dead body assuming he’s super stoned), Doc notices a shiv on the top of a shelf beside him. He manages to get it down, stab the dude in the neck, and regain focus just in time to watch Murphy escape from the closet he had stashed himself in. A real hero, that Murphy dude.

Elsewhere in the building, the leader of the rednecks has Warren pinned in a hallway. The pair keeps exchanging bullets – he takes one in the face, which really pisses him off – and Warren gets knocked to the ground. It looks like the end for her (are we noticing a theme of close calls?) but BHB comes to the rescue. He kills the redneck, and actually helps Warren get out of the building. Maybe he’s not such a bad bro after all?

Mac and Addy are dealing with basically the same thing. Bounty hunters have them pinned in the building, but they’re dealing with the other part of this apocalypse equation: zombies. Lots and lots of zombies. It looks like they might be able to escape, but the zombies are overwhelming and they get separated. Addy makes it outside when she hears Mac screaming from a nearby door. She desperately tries to get it open, but she’s not fast enough. The door opens just in time for her to watch her beloved get torn apart by the zombies, before putting a bullet in his head and granting him mercy.

Murphy has managed to avoid being captured, but has wound up on the roof of the apartment complex with Warren and BHB hot on his trail. Warren tries to tell him it’s over, that they’re going to go to California now, but he’s hearing none of it. In one last desperate attempt to escape, he jumps off the roof into a pool of corpses with a magnificent splat, and makes a run for it.

He breaks into the first garage he finds and steals the car inside, but he doesn’t get far. He stops the car to wait for Cassandra to get in, but Addy is there waiting for him. And she is PISSED. She pulls him onto the street where she proceeds to beat him to a pulp before the group catches up and stops her. They ask where Mac is, and they get their answer when Addy bursts into tears. With heavy hearts, and with Murphy FINALLY in their custody, they group piles in the van and the trek to California is back on.

Oh also, Citizen Z fights off a bunch of zombies while trying to gather supplies in the North Pole. He’s a lot more badass than he looks.

This episode was pretty chaotic. I love unadulterated action as much as the next guy, but an hour of running, zombies, and gunfire can be pretty exhausting. Especially since nothing story related really happened until the last 10 minutes (RIP Mac).

One thing I wasn’t that crazy about: every time one of the characters had a close call with death, they cut to what I assume was a flashback of happier times. Someone playing on a swing, someone in the sandbox, someone getting out of the pool; all shown in first person and all soft and dream like. I get what the show was going for – this person is about to die so this is where their subconscious is going – but it felt very out of place and really messed with the pace of the episode. In theory: cool idea. In practice: meh.

Now that the group is back together and back on mission, I imagine we’re in store for some more “creative” antagonists in the coming weeks. I mean if we got a Z-nado and glowing radioactive zombies BEFORE nuclear fallout was an issue? I can’t wait to see what ridiculousness these writers come up with this season.

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