Witches of East End: When a Mandragora Loves a Woman

Witches of East End

Since last week’s episode of Witches of East End was its best one yet (and no, that’s not just a title I’m giving out every single week), it was always going to be hard for this week’s to live up to that standard. “Boogie Knights” was simply amazing on a multitude of levels. Luckily, “When a Mandragora Loves a Woman” holds its own, while finally getting rid of the tentacle sex monster threat once and for all.

(This week’s is going to be more of a standard recap, but the Most Valuable Witch rankings will still be making an appearance at the end.)

Continuing right where “Boogie Knights” left off, the remaining Beauchamps and Alex try to figure out a way to help Ingrid break the bond and thrall of the Mandragora. Caught in the crossfire is Hudson (Tom Lenk), whose only offense is going into work on his day off. This whole Mandragora storyline has been nine types of creepy from the beginning of the season, but there is nothing quite like the haunting vibe of a childlike Ingrid telling Hudson that he has been “chosen” before the Mandragora infects him with the neurotoxin. R.I.P. Hudson. At least you got confirmation Ingrid was really a witch before you passed away.

After making an antidote to the Mandragora’s neurotoxin, Joanna and Alex take to the library to get the beast. The good news is that they’re able to stick Ingrid with the antidote — meaning she’s no longer under the thrall (even though she’s still connected and is now having memories of the whole ordeal) — and put her back to “normal.” The bad news is that the Mandragora gets both Joanna and Alex with the neurotoxin and then leaves again. More good news, though: The neurotoxin haze allows them to talk through all of their relationship issues, and trust me, they have a lot of issues.

Freya, on the other hand, decides to go to Dash for help, but after being injected with the Mandragora’s neurotoxin at the end of the last episode, he’s not quite himself. Sure, he and Freya went through a bad break-up, but on a good day, he wouldn’t try this hard to kill Freya. So Freya’s able to stick him with the antidote — and they proceed to unlink Ingrid from the Mandragora — but the very real (if not assumptive) issues that Dash had with Freya post-breakup are finally brought to light during his venom-induced psychopathy. It looks like Dash has finally forgiven Freya, but then again, maybe it’s just that he can’t seem to care about any Beauchamp at this point who’s not Ingrid (and even Freya and Wendy take notice of that).

Meanwhile, Frederick spends most of the episode being mistrusted by Wendy (and Freya is still mad at him for their father’s death), but he earns her trust when he saves her and kills the Mandragora. However, it turns out Wendy was right not to trust him all along, because he’s been working for his grandfather this whole time. The seizures? That’s him communicating with the good old king of Asgard. We were rooting for you, Frederick. We were all rooting for you.

Oh, and after finding out that he can read minds, Killian (who we learn from this new ESP is a really terrible bartender) spends the rest of the episode having sex with Eva and being magically manipulated by her. It turns out she wants a baby, which means Killian will soon be breaking the cardinal rule: you don’t give crazy a baby. Looking at the bright side, at least he didn’t have to deal with a tentacle sex monster.


Dash. It needs to be said: Eric Winter has really risen to the occasion of tormented Dash this season. Crazy Eyes McGee!Dash is The Best Dash (after 70s!Dash and his mustache, that is).

Joanna. Even more acting praise needs to be directed at Julia Ormond (and Michelle Hurd). The pain that of Joanna and Alex’s relationship is palpable.

Freya. Freya may be the worst witch, but she’s certainly been working at bettering herself this season. The mirror trick was a good one.

Ingrid. Not enough time is given to Ingrid’s reaction to being both physically and mentally raped, but the moment where she blames herself is absolutely heartbreaking. Hopefully she gets a chance to work these things out later in the season.

Wendy. You were right about Frederick all along!

Frederick. You evil bastard.

Killian. Dammit, Killian. You’d come so far. How are you this dumb?

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