What You Should Know About the New Warriors’ Squirrel Girl

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Last month, Marvel announced its first foray into scripted comedy with the New Warriors, set to air on Freeform. Among the six main characters is Squirrel Girl. If you’re unfamiliar with her comics, well, they’re as weird as they sound.

Who is Squirrel Girl?

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl follows college freshman Doreen Green and her adventures at Empire State University. Squirrel Girl’s superhero abilities are derived from animal blood. Yes, you read that right. She is part girl, part squirrel, complete with a big bushy tail she tucks into her pants to pass as human. In the first volume of her comics, Doreen admits that she’s a mutant, but that she’s taken to passing as a human because it’s more convenient. She likes her secret identity that keeps her a normal computer science-studying college student by day and crime-fighter by night. I’m unsure as to the rest of the New Warriors, but I can’t help but wonder how Marvel will deal with mutants since Fox still owns X-Men and Marvel has an Inhumans show set for ABC.

Squirrel Girl Marvel

There are some aspects of the Squirrel Girl comics that make me curious to see how they will translate to the screen, especially as part of an ensemble show. In her comics, the fourth wall is consistently broken, and Deadpool provides insider knowledge of Marvel’s super villain backlog. Squirrel Girl is a plucky, fun character that has beaten up Marvel villains from Victor Von Doom to Galactus. Will the show attempt to create tension at the possibility of her losing a battle? Will Marvel limit the characters in their vast universe with which she can interact? After all, she does know the Avengers.

Squirrel Girl is a formidable hero and I can’t wait to see what Marvel does with her on the small screen. I am surprised it took almost a dozen scripted shows before Marvel decided to take the flying leap into comedy. For a comic book company, it seems the natural choice.

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