TV POV: Episode 4


It’s time for Episode 4 of TV POV, and Jenn has dubbed this one “Where My OGs At?” … and by OGs, we mean ORIGINAL GRANDPARENTS!

It’s time to discuss the lack of shows centred on older characters in current programming. Why is the 60+ demographic not considered appealing when it makes up such a large portion of the population? And do younger audiences want to watch shows about older characters?

Case in point: legendary TV writer and producer Norman Lear wrote a pilot in 2010 — Guess Who Died? — that is set in a retirement home, has Betty White attached as the lead, and has been met with resistance in trying to get it made. Why is it that being the fastest growing segment of the population with the most expendable income still doesn’t make this an appealing demographic for broadcasters?

It isn’t completely hopeless, though. Our culture may be youth-obsessed, but there are some current shows that are telling great stories about the senior set, like Grace and Frankie.

We’ll also look back at a time not so long ago when you didn’t have to look far for characters of substance in the 60+ age category, especially The Golden Girls (i.e. the ultimate in #squadgoals).

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