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Ok, you got that there are spoilers, right? Good, because the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead has a death and a serious name-drop.

“Start to Finish” begins with Sam in his room listening to some old timey radio. The crazy child has a half-eaten cookie that’s being devoured by ants. What kind of child leaves a cookie?

We get a replay of the tower falling and letting the walkers in. The townspeople take refuge inside their homes as best as they can. There was a very tense moment when Maggie was trying to get up a ladder and almost got caught.

Carol hides out with Morgan. She feigns a concussion until he leaves the room, then she heads down to the basement where he’s hiding the Wolf. They have an epic brawl that unfortunately ends with the Wolf breaking free and taking Denise hostage.

Rick, Michonne, Carl, and Deanna take refuge in Jessie’s house. It turns out Deanna got bit so things are a bit sad there. Carl follows Ron into the garage where Ron tries to kill Carl. Their fight attracts walkers who managed to break in. Everyone retreats to the second floor. Rick and Michonne kill a couple of walkers in order to make walker suits. Finally, they remember their camouflage!

It seems Jessie forgot her kid was in his room when he comes out and gets scared at the walkers guts. She tells him to pretend to be brave. As they group leaves the house among the walkers, Sam starts calling for his mom. Ugh, kid, seriously? I get that you’re scared but come on …

If you stuck around for an additional 10 minutes after the credits rolled, then you would have seen an extra scene. Abraham, Sasha, and Daryl are stopped by a group of bikers. The head biker tells them that everything they have now belongs to Negan. NEGAN!! THEY SAID IT!


  • I want to wring Sam’s neck for being loud while they were leaving. But on the other hand, the fault lies with Jessie. And possibly Rick. See, this kid has lived his life in comfort. Yes, his town is surrounded by walkers but there have always been walls and safety. So no one has taught him the value in shutting his trap.
  • How amazing was the fight between Carol and Morgan?! Although I hated seeing those two at odds with each other. Morgan may be trying to bring the Wolf around to a new way of thinking, but he shouldn’t do it if it puts everyone else at risk. Which it obviously did.
  • So Tara finally gets a girlfriend (Denise) and she gets captured. No one’s relationship is safe.
  • GLENN. Please just forget about Enid. She’s nihilistic and will end up getting you killed. I get that you want to save her (life, and soul as well), but at some point you need to look out for yourself. Remember, she’s the reason it’s taking you so long to get back to Maggie. You know, your pregnant wife?

So that’s it until February. Wait, what? I have wait TWO MONTHS before I get a new episode?! Good grief.

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