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Another episode of The Walking Dead, and still no answers on what happened to Glenn. Is this going to become like Season 2’s Sophia storyline? You remember, where they spent half a season looking for her only to discover she’d been in the barn the whole time.

First things first: how the H-E-double hockey sticks did Rick escape the RV that was surrounded by walkers? We see him running towards Alexandria, but not once during the episode does he mention the RV or being trapped. I guess we’re just supposed to forget about it.

The psychiatrist-turned-surgeon finally figures out how to save her patient and celebrates by kissing Tara. Woo!! More relationships like this please.

There’s almost a riot at the food pantry until Deanna’s surviving son breaks it up, getting everyone to realize that taking all the food will only lead them down a dark path. Smart guy. At least until Deanna catches him later with a bunch of stuff he stole.

Deanna realizes that Alexandria doesn’t need her; they need Rick to lead. Uh oh, looks like the Ricktatorship will be reappearing soon.

Maggie and Aiden set out to find Glenn. They go through the sewers and are attacked by a couple of trapped walkers. Aiden saves Maggie, even though she’s adamant that she could have done it herself. They get stuck at the end by a grate, which is probably a good thing since outside there are hundreds of walkers. Then Maggie drops the bombshell: she’s pregnant. Well, I was wondering when that would happen.


  • No but seriously, how did Rick escape the RV? I’m really going to need this answered soon.
  • I have two questions about pregnancy in the apocalypse: 1) why aren’t there more babies since no one has access to reliable birth control and 2) why would anyone even risk having a baby?
  • I hated the Rick and Jessie kiss. STOP FORCING THIS SHIP DOWN MY THROAT.

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