The Walking Dead: Here’s Not Here

Walking Dead

It’s a Morgan-centric episode! Although, to be honest? I was extremely bored (that seems to be a thing that’s happening a lot lately). I mean seriously, 90 minutes?! Come on, The Walking Dead, if you want to keep my attention for an hour and a half it had better be all Daryl.

“Here’s Not Here” picks up after the events of “Clear,” back in Season 3. Morgan sets out and eventually kills two kids who are trying to escape some walkers. So, still crazy-town!

Eventually Morgan chances upon a cabin and is placed in a cell by the owner, Eastman. He’s a former shrink who proceeds to get in Morgan’s head. Eventually Morgan stops trying to kill him and Eastman begins teaching him how to defend himself without killing. So now we know where Morgan got those mad bo staff skills.

During a training exercise in their make-shift graveyard, one of the boys that Morgan killed comes shambling up. Eastman tells Morgan to kill it, but Morgan freezes. Eastman pushes Morgan out of the way and kills the walker, but not before getting bit in the back.

Eastman continues to counsel Morgan, even as he declines toward death. He asks to be shot in the head, which Morgan obliges. His one last request was for Morgan to not stay at the cabin alone, like he did.

Morgan leaves the cabin, walking past the graveyard, and on towards life. He sees the sign for Terminus and heads off into the sunset.


  • I should have liked this episode more, but I didn’t. You don’t go bat-crap crazy to semi-normal in just a few short days. Trust me, I speak from experience!
  • I had a really hard time watching Eastman; the actor who played him, John Carroll Lynch, also played Twisty in American Horror Story. And I’m absolutely terrified of clowns. I know, I know, he also played Drew Carey’s brother in The Drew Carey Show, but that was years ago! AHS was last year. Just gonna NOPE on outta here …
  • TABITHA! I knew the moment I saw the goat onscreen that it was going to die. You don’t put an animal in a horror show unless you plan on killing it. Sure enough, it was walker-food. RIP Tabitha.

What did you think of the Morgan-centric episode? Was it worth 90 minutes or do you think it should only have been an hour? Let me hear your thoughts!

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