The Walking Dead: Heads Up

Walking Dead

We finally got the answer to one of the biggest questions on everyone’s mind during this week’s episode of The Walking Dead: GLENN. IS. ALIVE.

The most common fan theory (that I had heard) came true: Glenn escaped the walker horde by crawling under the dumpster while the walks feasted on Nicholas. Later Enid found him but ran. He convinces her, eventually and with a lot of arguing, that they both need to go back to Alexandria.

Speaking of A-town, Rick is busy trying to fortify the walls. Morgan visits the infirmary to get information on how to care for an injured person. Still haven’t told anyone about that Wolf, huh?

Ron asks Rick and Carl to teach him how to shoot. They do, but not with ammunition. Later on, Ron breaks into the armory and steals some bullets. Look out, Carl!

Rosita teaches the townspeople how to fight with a machete. Eugene admits to being scared of dying so she gives everyone a pep talk.

Spencer once again proves he’s an awful person when he attempts to escape. Not sure exactly why he feels the need, but he decides to leave by dangling himself over a bunch of walkers while pulling himself along a wire. The wire snaps and he almost becomes a meal. Rick and some others pull him up while Tara shoots the walkers that get too close. After the ordeal, Rick scolds Tara for putting herself in harm’s way for “these people.” She responds with a middle finger. YES!

On the way home, Enid finds the balloons that were used for the quarry horde plan. She gathers them up saying they could be a useful distraction if they come across walkers.

“Heads Up” ends when Maggie sees the balloons flying overhead. She drops everything to find her honey bunny.


  • No Daryl this episode, although after having almost an entire episode to himself last week, I’m not surprised. Still, MOAR DARYL.
  • Carol knows something is up with Morgan. She’s not stupid. Morgan just needs to come clean already.
  • We *still* don’t know how Rick escaped the RV, although he now knows that it’s Morgan’s fault he was attacked.
  • All this stuff with Morgan has me thinking that maybe he’s not going to be around much longer.
  • How DARE Enid point her gun at Glenn?
  • At least Glenn knows Maggie is pregnant. I thought it was one of those “she’s going to tell him when she sees him” type of situations.
  • Is Enid a scout? Maybe for the Wolves or for Negan? Hmmm …

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