The Walking Dead: First Time Again

SEASON 6 OF THE WALKING DEAD IS FINALLY HERE!!!! It’s been a long six months, hasn’t it? Last time we saw our heroes, Rick had just put a bullet in Pete’s head for killing Deanna’s husband right as Morgan walks in.

“First Time Again” goes back to the old format of “present day in color, flashbacks in black and white” so bear with me as I try to keep it sane. Especially since some of the scenes only last a few seconds!

Now: The group is in a quarry with hundreds, possibly thousands, of trapped walkers. A big rig falls off the ravine and everyone goes into panic mode. For what? They light several flares which attract the walkers’ attention. The dam of trucks is broken and they pile through.

Then: Deanna tells Gabriel he was wrong about Rick as she sits in her husband’s blood. Abraham disposes of the body and pours one out for the deceased. Jessie and her kids mourn in their living room. Rosita takes care of Tara when Glenn brings Nicholas in. Glenn and Maggie are happy to see Tara alive. Eugene comes in and Tara is glad nothing happened to his hair. She makes a joke about Noah needing to protect her. I guess no one has told her the bad news yet. Carl and Edith share a moment. Rick sees the map that Abraham left and that Morgan found. They agree to talk later. A drunken Abraham plays with a wedding ring as Sasha sneaks up on him.

Now: It looks like the entire town has evacuated and everyone is running through a row of cars. Daryl comes riding through slowly on his trusty steed (his motorcycle of course).

Then: Daryl and Rick talk about Morgan.

Now: Sasha and Abe race down the road. He asks about her mental state. They stop when they arrive at some red balloons.

Then: Rick finds Morgan practicing his stick defense. They talk about getting to know each other again. Eugene is hesitant to allow former members into the town. They claim to have been out on the road for a while. They enter and introduce themselves. Morgan asks Rick questions about the town as they walk around. Rick tells the gravediggers not to dig a grave for Pete. Deanna comes in and backs him up. A kid spies on them. Rick and Morgan load up the body.

Now: Rick radios Glenn for his location. Rick, Michonne, and Morgan are at a wall with yellow balloons. While they wait Morgan asks Michonne if she stole one of his power bars back when he was crazy.

Then: The kid follows Rick and Morgan as they find a place to dispose of Pete. Rick hears walkers and the two follow the sound to the quarry. The kid comes running up being chased by walkers. Rick saves him before he can fall off of the cliff.

Now: Daryl continues his slow ride, baiting the walkers to follow him.

Then: Rick, Morgan, and the kid (Ron) look at the quarry full of walkers. Rick realizes Alexandria has been safe because the walkers have been trapped by two sets of big rigs at the quarry’s entrance and exit. The trio walks back to the gravesite in silence.

Now: Glenn receives a radio call. He has to keep his area quiet or Daryl’s herd will be distracted, which means killing the walkers inside the nearby warehouse.

Then: There’s a town meeting about the quarry. Rick comes up with a plan to rid the quarry. Ethan Embry’s character, Carter, just wants to fortify the weak spots. Deanna sides with Rick. He asks for volunteers; Glenn requests Maggie stay behind, Gabriel volunteers but Rick quickly shoots him down. Carter is a jerk to everyone.

Now: Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham lead the walkers to Rick’s Yellow location.

Then: Rick maps out the route they will use to herd the walkers. Carter continues to poo poo every idea, even when Eugene chimes in with good ideas.

Now: Daryl leads the walkers around the road bend as Michonne continues firing flares. Their fortified wall begins to take a beating as walkers throw themselves against it.

Then: Everyone works on building the wall at the intersection. Rick asks Carol to stay behind once the plan begins.

Now: Glenn, Heath, and Nicholas try to figure out how to dispose of the walkers in the warehouse.

Then: Tara learns that Nicholas got Noah killed and lured Glenn into the woods. She can’t believe that Glenn didn’t have him exiled. She says that will continue to follow Maggie’s lead.

Now: Glenn opens up a window to let the walkers out. The three guys shoot as many as they can. Nicholas and Heather almost get bitten but Glenn saves them both. With the walkers gone the guys move on.

Then: Carol serves drinks to Morgan. He has a good read on her personality.

Now: Abraham notices some of the walkers are straying so he hops out of the car with Sasha calling him an idiot. He heads into the “looky loos” and gets them back on track. He hops back in the car and starts telling war stories. Sasha can’t believe him but he says he’s being like her.

Then: Rick finally offers condolences to Deanna on her husband’s death. She wants to know what else needs to happen so he says everyone needs to be armed. Walkers show up and Rick tells the townspeople to deal with it. Of course they panic so our heroes save them. Back in town, Eugene overhears Carter sowing seeds of dissent. He makes a noise which brings Carter out. Carter puts a gun to his head when Rick walks in. Shades of the old Ricktator come out as he disarms Carter.

Now: Glenn and Rick’s groups meet up and watch the walker procession. Carter acknowledges that Rick’s idea was right. They separate and Carter gets bitten. His screams distract some of the heard.

Then: Rick and Judith visit with Morgan. Moments of friendship are made when Michonne spies on Morgan getting to hold Judith. Rick admits to wanting to kill Carter, but realized that he will die no matter what.

Now: Rick kills the walker that bit Carter. He tries to get him to stop screaming. The only thing that silences him is a knife to the back of the head. It had to be done anyway, right? The rest of the walkers head back to the road. Rick barks out orders to Michonne and Morgan, but Morgan hesitates.

Then: Jessie inspects the guns when Rick comes in for flares. She’s cold to him and is upset at how he treated Ron. Rick offers to teach her and the kids gun safety but she had already asked Rosita. On the road, they go over the plan to lead the walkers down the road. Abraham accuses Sasha of driving the car because she wants to die but she denies it. I believe her.

Now: The DSA continue leading the charge.

Then: Rick orders the warehouse cleared of the walkers inside. Glenn tells Nicholas he doesn’t want him on the mission because he’s not ready.

Now: Our heroes meander through the woods.

Then: Rick gets on a high horse and gives a riveting speech.

Now: Close up of walker faces as they amble down the road. All of a sudden there’s a loud horn in the distance. Everyone freaks out because the walkers leave the road and head towards our heroes. Rick realizes the sound is coming from Alexandria. The final shot is nothing but walkers heading towards the town.


  • How is it that Carol’s hair stays short but Daryl’s just keeps getting longer?
  • It’s nice to see Sane Morgan, even if he is at odds with Rick. This obviously doesn’t bode well for the future?
  • Nicholas is finally playing well with others, but I hope he eventually gets some sort of punishment for nearly killing Glenn. Maybe Maggie will beat the snot out of him?
  • I hope we get to see more Bro-Hair love between Eugene and Heath.
  • Judith still exists! And maybe looking a bit like Shane??

So what did you think of the season premiere?

Photo Courtesy of AMC

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