The Walking Dead: Always Accountable

It’s that time of year. My favorite time of year. A Daryl-centric episode of The Walking Dead!

Somehow Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham find themselves being chased. It is the Wolves or someone else? I couldn’t make out who exactly the pursuers were, so if you know please inform me. Daryl gets separated from the others who go on without him.

Daryl hides his bike in the woods and heads out on foot. He gets caught by three people who tie him up. They walk to a fuel station and Daryl manages to escape. However, he finds insulin in the bag and like the good guy that he is, returns to his captors.

The trio says they thought he was “one of them.” Some other people arrive so our group hides. Negan’s name is dropped, so I guess that answers the question of who we’re dealing with. One of the newcomers almost catches Daryl but manages to get bit by a trapped walker. The other guys chop his arm off, no questions raised. They leave.

Daryl’s former captors realize he is a good guy. Daryl gives them the Three Question quiz and offers to let them follow him back to Alexandria. Bad move, Daryl. They once again put a gun to his head, make him hand over his crossbow, and steal his bike.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Abraham hole up in an abandoned town. Sasha realizes that Abraham is out of control, the way she used to be. He goes to the roof and finds some cigars and rockets. He later goes back and admits that Sasha was right. There’s a moment where it seems like he’s hitting on her.

Daryl shows up in a fuel tanker and the three once again head towards home.

Final moment: the walky-talky clicks on and someone says “Help.”


  • You do NOT take Daryl’s crossbow.
  • Dear The Walking Dead: please do not make Sashbraham a thing. Just, no.
  • NEGAN! And with the news that Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast, I’m just a little excited!
  • Who exactly is asking for help? I’ve seen many theories, a lot believing that it’s Glenn. One can hope!

What did you think of “Always Accountable?”

Photo Courtesy of AMC

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