The Originals: The Devil is Damned


What an interesting twist, The Originals. Baby Hope is a powerful witch. I guess when I just say it, it’s not that big of a twist — after all, this season of The Originals is all witches, all the time. (And it’s always all power, all the time.) But I do know that’s not what Tyler, the pregnant woman-kidnapping psychopath expected last season when he was … kidnapping a pregnant woman and being a psychopath. I’ll reserve judgment for the powerful witch baby storyline until we get more into it. You know how these things are.

“The Devil is Damned” is certainly a transitional episode of The Originals, gearing up for the wedding between Jackson and Hayley and creating new alliances for upcoming battle. It also wraps up the Marcel and the bloodlusty vampires storyline, which lasted surprisingly long for a show from The Vampire Diaries school of plotting.

The episode opens with Finncent working his magic to find the missing Mikaelson baby and failing, which is disappointing because of how entranced in yammering I became in this scene for maybe the first time since living in a post-Travellers world. Yusuf Gatewood is a captivating actor on a little series full of captivating actors, and as much as I’ve been praising him from the first time he really got something to do, I think this was the episode where I realized just how thankful I am that he’s here.

I’m also thankful for The Originals being all about the most twisted family reunions possible, so the failed yammering is “saved” by Freya showing up to make her presence known to the only male sibling she cares about. Finncent is a bit slow to pick up on the fact that it is his sister (even though it’s not like she’s the one who changed her visage), but once he does, they hug — him still with a look of shock that his dead sister is alive, and her with a look of schemes. Crazy, crazy schemes.

Meanwhile, their opposing tight-nit siblings (Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah) are discussing how the hell Freya can even be alive. They don’t come up with an idea, but luckily Freya tells us later in the episode: Dahlia placed her in a deep sleep for a century, waking her up for a single year of life before putting her back to sleep for another year. Since the witch versions of them are not immortal (even if they can live for a long ass time), it was the only way to avoid the whole aging and dying thing. Freya claims to have fled from Dahlia years ago, after she realized that all she could really give her were more lies on top of lies.

That doesn’t explain how Freya ended up in the witch asylum, presumably doing her century-long rest in the box in the attic. But patience is a virtue, after all. Dahlia, personally, is more about an eye for an eye though, and Freya claims that her act of betrayal is punishable by death. “[Freya] doesn’t just live. She hunts.” And she’s not only hunting for Freya: She’s going to be hunting for baby Mikaelson. So Freya and Finn are only doing their duties as a good aunt and a good uncle by planning to kill Hope. The good of the many and all that jazz.

Freya and Finncent give everyone the runaround by making the word on the street be that the spell they’re doing to find Hope involves both Klaus and Hayley’s blood. So while everyone in New Orleans is freaking out over that, Finncent easily makes his way to Arkansas (thanks to Freya’s non-blood needing locator spell) to the safehouse. Luckily Hope is out with Cami, but that leaves Elijah (who’s still having red door fugue states) to fight his magically-endowed brother. However, always the smart one, Elijah knows what to do when he can’t outpower his brother — he turns on all the gas in the house, takes off his daylight ring, and kaboom! Outside, Cami and hope were on their way back to the house, but something magical (that would be Hope doing magic) shuts down the car, keeping them at a safer distance).

You’re probably thinking that means Finncent just hopped to the next body, but that’s no fun, not when we have Yusuf Gatewood after all these years. Koleb and Rebekah actually do a spell together to prevent such a thing. Yes, you’re probably also thinking that it’s insane for Rebekah to even trust Koleb enough to work with him, but that’s the point of these recaps — to explain why you’re not insane.

As if on cue, right after Klaus says “This family makes me want to murder people,” dying Koleb saunters in (the nerve, amirite?) and asks for help because he’s dying and trapped by Finncent in this body. Klaus doesn’t get why he should trust or feel bad for Koleb after the Rebekah thing, but surprisingly, it’s Rebekah herself who is quick to defend the rogue Mikaelson: “He’s not lying. Even as a boy, Kol never lied once called out on the act. He may play dirty pool, but he’s not lying.” Koleb tells Klaus that Finncent is still trying to figure out what Klaus’ secret is, but that’s not really news, is it?

So as I mentioned, they decide to trap Finncent in the Vincent meatsuit (and also to try to undo Finncent’s hex on Koleb), but Rebekah’s magical abilities make Jo from The Vampire Diaries look like Harry Potter and Koleb doesn’t want to let Davina know he’s dying, because that’s not how you do romance. They go with Rebekah based on necessity, but things get a bit awkward when Koleb gets bent out of shape about Klaus trying to go into his mind to figure out what exactly Finncent did to him. You know, because Koleb’s been plotting with Davina to kill Klaus for the longest time. Klaus does it anyway, and he’s justifiably pissed when he sees the plotting. Then we get the same argument we’ve been getting since Kaleb revealed himself as Kol: Why wouldn’t he want to protect himself against Klaus when Klaus (and Rebekah and Elijah) have always teamed up against him, and boo hoo. Koleb, it’s not like Klaus or Rebekah or Elijah did this to you. Finncent did, and there’s not even a fraction of the same amount of complaining when it comes to that relationship.

Then, Koleb storms off to go join Finncent’s side. Again. He never learns, does he? Okay, he does kind of learn after he goes back to get Klaus’ blood for Finncent and gets rocked. Koleb’s argument — as much as it’s mostly ridiculous, based on what we’ve seen of Kol — is that he’s the victim:

Koleb: “I’m the wronged! I’m the dead but never mourned! … I got a family who didn’t care if I lived or if I died!”

At no point in this rant does anyone set him down and show him all of the Nathaniel Buzolic-based Kol footage and ask him to explain his behavior and why anyone SHOULD care about whether he lives or dies after all of that. But Klaus does talk some sense into him, and it actually sticks (supposedly):

Klaus: “We’ve all been wronged! I’m not gonna kill you, you idiot! Despite your behavior, you’re still my brother!”

Koleb: “Just the one you dagger repeatedly.”

Klaus: “I’ve daggered all of you! Each for your own good!”

That’s right, Koleb — you’re not special. Also:

Klaus: “You are a Mikaelson! You’re my blood!”

Koleb does let Klaus back into his head, but when they go to find Finncent, that’s when they realize they’d been had (and Finncent was in Arkansas). You know the rest.

While all this is happening, Marcel’s vampires are still debilitated by their bloodlust … until Finn is caught in the explosion and the spell is lifted. Yay (for them … and for Koleb?)! So they get out and roam the bayou, but they’re still very much hungry because they haven’t eaten in days. Unfortunately for those who don’t want chaos and mayhem, this happens at the same time as a ceremony of alphas from other packs renouncing said alpha status to serve Jackson (and get in on that unification goodness), and all that’s left is bloodlust (and chaos and mayhem). Hayley and Jackson should consider that a wedding gift.

A few more things …

  • I’m sorry, but the “nicer” and more understanding Jackson is, the less I trust him. Klaus and Hayley keep talking about getting an army of wolves to protect themselves and Hope, but all I’m seeing is an army of wolves that serves Jackson. He’ll soon be the most powerful wolf (full stop) in the Quarter. And if he’s not already corrupt, he will be.
  • Koleb and Rebekah doing magic (channeling Klaus because he finally trusts Koleb) is pretty darn adorable. Stay that way, Koleb.
  • I’d like to comment The Originals for its approach to moral ambiguities and making characters like Freya and Finncent both so likable and understandable (even with their obvious insanity). I love them both greatly.

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