The Originals: Save My Soul


Remember season one of The Originals? At least, the first half of the season? Remember all the fun exposition? Remember how great the show became as soon as it stopped with all that nonsense (even though poor, sweet Cami has never truly let go of it)? Well, The Originals is (like I said) great now, but it’s still a show that needs that exposition at times. After all — this is a 1,000-plus year old family with  A LOT of backstory. We’ve just got to deal with the exposition that brings every so often, Think of it this way — at least it’s not an hour of exposition on what a hybrid is.

In “Save My Soul,” the backstory and exposition du jour comes in the form of Freya’s life with Dahlia. Specifically, why Freya would like to join forces with her siblings against Dahlia. As usual, it all boils down to being denied the one thing a “normal life” allows — love. Freya fell in love, and Dahlia killed the guy. To make matters worse, Freya tried to kill herself with Dahlia’s poison, and while it turned out she could not truly kill herself, it did kill her and her dead love’s unborn child.

What a bummer, am I right?

But yeah, Freya is totally DTF — down to formulate … a plan with her family (that acronym is a work in progress) — and take down Dahlia, and Elijah and Rebekah are totally on board. Of course, Klaus is still the distrusting little hybrid that he’s always been, and he spends the entirety of Freya’s story sassing her and basically making wanking motions. He even snaps her neck, just so he can tease her about being immortal. It’s such a Klaus maneuver, even though it really doesn’t change things. Freya is on their side, like it or not. And he better like it, because Freya may be the only person who can help Rebekah keep control of Eva Sinclair’s body (which is actually what she’s trying to do, before Klaus snaps her neck).

So while Freya is sleeping, Rebekah is fighting Eva Sinclair for body supremacy (that’s one of the strangest thing I’ve ever written, I believe). And the thing that makes it more difficult is that it’s not just a matter of Eva taking over in Rebekah’s sleep. The witch is powerful enough to take over at the most inconvenient times, and by the end of the episode, we find out that she did: some time during Rebekah’s visit with Davina (hey, Davina!) for help with this situation, Eva Sinclair takes over and adds Davina to her pile of witch youths to channel. Yup. There goes another avenue for helping Rebekah.

The last line of defense is Vincent. He’s currently reeling from being back in control of his body — he can’t do magic, and he can’t believe he’s missed nine months of his life. When Marcel brings up Eva to him, it’s obviously a “sore subject,” and Vincent really doesn’t want to talk about it … until he bonds (and drinks) with Cami, the therapist of all of their dreams, apparently. Finncent / Cami was going nowhere fast, but Vincent / Cami could definitely be something. But the point is, she convinces him to help!

That’s when we get some a fun Originals quasi-incest bomb dropped on us: Vincent Griffith and Eva Sinclair were husband and wife. Talk about kismet. Did Kol know this? He most definitely knew that Eva Sinclair was a truly horrible person — he at least knew she was a mad (as in cray) witch who was sentenced to the Fauline Cottage for a reason, after all. It seems too coincidental that he would place Rebekah in the body of the woman who was married to the man Finn was inhabiting, right?

As you can see “Save My Soul” isn’t the most fascinating episode of The Originals, even with the twists. It’s very difficult for The Originals to have a bad episode at this time now though, so there’s no need to worry about this. At least not yet. Now bring on Dahlia.

A few more things …

  • Jackson is a colossal dick to Aiden while sparring, yet we’re supposed to feel bad for him, I guess.
  • I’ve really got nothing more for this episode than calling out Jackson for being the not-so-secret worst.
  • Oh there is one more thing: Davina is very upset with Rebekah for not helping her bring Kol back (just let him stay dead, you guys), but as we’ve already seen, Rebekah is a crappy witch. Come on, Davina.

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