The Originals: Sanctuary


There is no such thing as “sanctuary” in The Originals. At least, not truly. There’s war and death and Klaus’ paranoia, and the day the Mikaelsons and their clan are truly safe at peace, is the day that … well that day is never going to happen. Television!

This week: Klaus attempts to stop Hayley from going through the marriage ritual and divulging the secret of Hope; Finncent tries to get Klaus’ secret out of Marcel; Davina, Koleb, and Aiden look for Josh, Marcel, and rest of the vampires; and Rebekah (again, we don’t actually know the real name of her vessel, so just Rebekah, it is) is making a prison break, dammit! If you’ve ever read any of these recaps, you know which one I’m going to talk about first: all about Rebekah.

In case you were wondering, Maisie Richardson-Sellers is still doing an amazing job being Rebekah and nailing Claire Holt’s mannerisms. It’s odd, in the best way possible. It’s a damn good job.

And Freya? I’ve got to say I was hooked from the moment they showed her watching Tom & Jerry with the wide-eyed fascination of someone who’d never seen a television, let alone cartoons. The character is clearly insane — what Mikaelson isn’t? — but she, as of right now, wants her family to just be that. A family. She’ll clearly go to great lengths to achieve that, but that’s also because she really has no idea just how dysfunctional they are.

So Rebekah is planning a jailbreak, and because she’s a good person, she’s planning on taking Cassie with her. The plan is to channel the powerful being in the box up in the attic (who we know to be  Freya) and use it to blow this witch popsicle stand. What Rebekah doesn’t know at first is that Freya is out of the box and hanging around the asylum like she’s its newest resident. Even though Rebekah barely knows Freya, she defends her against the Kindred and invites her to be a part of the jailbreak. It’s sisterly bonding without Rebekah even realizing it at the time, and I have never realized how much I needed Rebekah to have a living sister until now. Sure, last season had Rebekah / Hayley bonding that was very much worth it, but this is different. This is blood.

But even though two-thirds of the Rebekah storyline is great, there’s one thing that takes a sharp turn for just plain terrible: That would be the heel turn by Cassie, who chooses to align herself with the Kindred in order to move up in the asylum world, breaking the bond she made with Rebekah. It would be perfectly fine if it weren’t for the fact that the actress who plays Cassie is very one-note, and that note is playing the innocent bystander who has no change in inflection or tone no matter what she does. So having her turn on Rebekah and play that duplicitous role brings us right back to the terrible acting we had to endure with her playing Esther. It’s not pretty.

Thank god for Freya, who much like Marcel, values loyalty above all else and finds Cassie to be the worst of the worst people in this wretched place. Good riddance, Cassie. And now, Rebekah is free to return home, now with the knowledge that her sister is alive and at least considers her to be a good person. Someone in this family has to see someone as good.

Speaking of, Finncent has the vampires holed-up in Lenore’s bodega and is taking to torturing Marcel in order to find out what Klaus’ secret is. Of course, we know that Klaus compelled Marcel not to know the secret, so all that Finncent gets from the guy is jokes about Finn being boring (those never get old, even with the Finncent upgrade) and the knowledge that Marcel really doesn’t know the secret. But because he is smart, he’s able to figure out that Marcel was compelled and Hope is still alive. He’s also able to tell when Koleb is clearly betraying him (some more) and takes that betrayal as a reason to finally kill him … in a few days. Finncent is funny like that. I love him.

Meanwhile, Klaus doesn’t trust Jackson and tries to kill him after Hayley refuses to back out of the unification ritual. He doesn’t, and based on a phone call with Elijah, it seems like it was never actually his intent to do it (but instead to get Hayley fired up and make sure the wolves are on their side no matter what). Whatever — Jackson is still obsessed with Hayley and now he knows the deal about Hope. More Freya, Finncent, and Rebekah please.

A few more things …

  • As usual, I assume the lack of Elijah is due to Daniel Gillies’ schedule on the Canadian show Saving Hope. I have no proof of this, but it’s as good a guess as any.
  • I looked up Riley Voelkel, who’s playing Freya, on IMDB, and sadly, she was “Sorority Girl” in one of the worst “prestige” shows in recent memory: The Newsroom. Poor girl really bounced back.
  • Rebekah: “I’m a free spirit, which is why I don’t intend to spend another night trapped in this bloody dungeon.”
  • Hayley: “Hope will always be the daughter of Klaus Mikaelson, the hybrid killer with a thousand enemies.” I mean, she’s not wrong.
  • Marcel (recounting something Klaus said back in the day): “That’s my brother Finn. We keep him like that [in the coffin] because he is such a bore.”

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