The Originals: I Love You, Goodbye


So stuff got crazy last episode of The Originals, didn’t it? There was an explosion and everything. A baby is also probably a witch. Dead wolves! So how does “I Love You, Goodbye” live up to all of that? Well, it gives a teary goodbye to Koleb Mikaelson (although, if you watch it right after last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, it doesn’t pack as much of an emotional punch). It also continues to give me reasons to rant “DON’T TRUST JACKSON!” Those are the signs of a successful episode of The Originals, I suppose.

By the way, Hope is in New Orleans now. Just living with her family and having everyone know she’s alive. That would be fine, with the army of wolves and protection spells — usually — but Freya points out in this episode that such magic is actually a beacon in Dahlia’s eyes. By hiding Hope they’re actually making her the X that marks the spot. So that’s also fun.

Elijah and Cami come back home (with baby Hope) post-explosion, and because of said kaboom shenanigans, the main Mikaelsons at least feel like the threat of Finncent is away. They don’t expect Freya to use magics to bring him back, because … Well, these are the same people who thought it was a good idea to bring Hope back to New Orleans and reveal that she’s been alive the whole time, so they’re not really thinking about things as clearly as they should.

Speaking of nothing thinking, Koleb goes ahead and makes that Klaus dagger with Davina in this episode. It seems to be his way to make it up to Davina for just kind of disappearing and not calling, but seriously? Dude, you just reunited with the Always and Forever bunch, and you’re already going back on your word. Does Davina even really remember why she wants to kill Klaus anymore? Because of Tim? Unless the show is going to admit Koleb is just her rebound guy, I doubt it. Because of Marcel? Klaus would never kill Marcel unless he were compelled to. Because she’s a dumb child? Ding ding ding. We have a winner!

They enchant the dagger, but then the second that Finncent wakes up, which is pretty much concurrently, Koleb is back to having the death curse placed on him. Good news? The vampires don’t all of a sudden have the intense bloodlust, so good for them!

All of this really buries the lede of the Hayley / Jackson nuptials finally taking place after all the talking about it. It’s cute, and it’s sweet, and Rebekah gives Hayley her wedding dress that she never got to use (the poor girl DIDN’T get married on five different occasions). Do I trust Jackson yet? No, not at all. Nor do I trust any of the wolves who now have the ability to transform whenever they want to, sans moonlight rings. Sorry, Vampy Verse — werewolves suck. There hasn’t been a good werewolf since Mason Lockwood. Tyler almost was, but he wasn’t, because he’s Tyler.

Despite nefariously promising Jackson’s reign as wolf king will be a short one, Klaus zags this episode where we all expect him to zig: He invites Jackson to living in the compound with Hayley, Hope, and the support of the remaining Team Klaus members of the Mikaelson family. It makes things even more awkward than they already were, seeing as how a great deal of the episode was dedicated to pointing out how awkward it is that Elijah is in love with Hayley and won’t do anything about it, even when she’s about to marry another man in his own home. Hayley even calls Elijah out on it finally; even though she’s made her feelings clear for him since basically the moment she met him, he’s never been one to admit any of his. The reason she’s with Jackson (other than the whole wolf thing) is because he’s never been afraid to admit any of his creepy love to her. She needs a man who she doesn’t have to wonder about, feelings-wise, which makes a sense, I suppose. It’s all about trust, and she has that with Jackson. She doesn’t have that with Elijah.

That said, I still believe Jackson is playing the long con, and this is all going to come and bite her in the ass.

Oh yeah, so Koleb is still dying, and in true Vampy Verse fashion this ends up meaning that Rebekah has to miss another important event in life, Hayley’s wedding (again, in HER unused wedding dress). Rebekah tries to help the poor guy, but Koleb realizes nothing can help and decides to use his last moments to see Davina (who also can’t help). Koleb is resigned to being the one who dies but is never mourned — again — but Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah make sure to be there, reminding him that “always and forever” isn’t just some bull they made up one day. Rebekah even promises to consecrate Koleb’s body and do everything she possibly can as long as she’s in her present body to bring him back to life. It’s sweet, it’s sad, it’s The Originals. Always and forever.

A few more things …

  • I noticed this episode that Freya really is the most “Viking-looking” of all of the Mikaelson siblings, with Klaus being a very close second. Just saying.
  • You know what’s really a dick move? Koleb inviting Davina to be his wedding date, even though he knew he wouldn’t be going because he needed Rebekah to help him out. Rebekah knew she wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding, so Koleb definitely knew he wouldn’t be able to attend the wedding.
  • Aww, Josh and Aiden are finally out as a couple. This will totally end well, just like all the wolves being “superwolves” (Josh’s words).
  • More Josh / Davina, by the way. Please and thank you.
  • Cami’s role as babysitter / armchair therapist is really upsetting given how interesting she was becoming pre-safe house. Also, will the show ever stop giving her awkward psychoanalyzing scenes? Please?
  • Let’s be real: How long do you think it will be until Freya and Finn join forces with their other siblings? Dahlia is coming for all of them, so killing a baby isn’t going to do squat now.
  • At the wedding reception, Marcel sees Rebekah and seems to know who it is. My question is: Does he know it’s Rebekah, or does he know the witch Rebekah is inhabiting?

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