The Goldbergs: Wingmom


As kids, many are blessed with two sets of grandparents. You never mean for it to happen, but one inevitably becomes a favorite.

As we’ve seen throughout the past two and a half seasons on The Goldbergs, Adam spends the majority of his time with Pops. We’re treated to a lovely montage of them at the arcade and the mall. They decide to sit through a time-share presentation in order to score some free movie tickets, except Pops ends up purchasing a share.

Adam is distraught at the idea of losing Pops, even if it’s just for two months out of the year. Erica reminds him that Pops is old and needs to have his own life chasing women in Florida. This leads Adam to try and remind Pops that he’s still plenty young. His plan goes awry though and the guys have a falling out.

Adam decides to start hanging out with Murray’s estranged father, Pop Pop. Except Pop Pop only cares about sitting around his house and saving money. Which certainly does *not* include going to the arcade.

Eventually Adam and Pop Pop run into Pops and Erica, who are shopping for Florida. Pop Pop realizes Adam is only hanging out with him to make Pops jealous. Instead of being offended, he shoves it in Pops’s face that now he’s the favorite. Adam leaves because he can’t stand the fighting.

Eventually Adam and Pops make up and Adam comes to terms with his grandfather spending time away.

While all of this is taking place, Barry decides he wants to join Junior ROTC because he’s obsessed with Top Gun and think this is his best chance to become a fighter pilot. Beverly refuses to sign his permission slip so Murray does it behind her back. He says it made him a better man and tells Barry he’d better not quit.

Barry finds out the hard way that ROTC is nothing like Top Gun. He tells Bev that he secretly got Murray to sign the permission slip then asks that she secretly get him out of his predicament. She agrees and talks to the principal.

The principal tells the ROTC coach that while he can’t kick Barry out, students are allowed to have emotional support from parents. So yes, Beverly ends up spending all of Barry’s ROTC time embarrassing him.

Eventually Barry has enough but after hearing how ROTC turned his father into the man that he is today, he decides to stick it out without Bev’s interference. Murray overhears the conversation and beams.


  • I swear, this show is on a mission to make me cry.
  • F-bomb: “Are you ****ing kidding me?!” – Beverly
  • Barry tries throughout the entire episode to get everyone to nickname him “Sky Shark.” Except in the end he becomes “Applesauce.”

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