The Goldbergs: The Tasty Boys


The Goldbergs came back from winter break on fire! First up: the introduction of the Tasty Boys, Barry’s tribute group to the Beastie Boys.

Barry and Adam often dress like the Beastie Boys and make their own music videos. Barry gets it in his head that they should create their own music group and go on tour. Erica tells him it’s a horrible idea but he ignores her. They hold auditions, which is hilarious, before settling on Barry’s friend, Geoff.

They come up with “original” outfits, but they’re basically the exact same as the Beastie Boys. Barry gets them a gig at the upcoming pep rally and of course Erica tells him it’s a bad idea.

Minutes before they are supposed to perform, Adam realizes he’s uncomfortable with them not having rehearsed. Barry says it’s because he can free-form, but finds out nope! He really can’t. In an effort to save her brothers, Erica plays a Beastie song and they siblings lip sync. Success! Everyone loves the performance.

In the Adult section of our show, Beverly becomes green with envy when she sees her neighbor had a kitchen makeover. She asks Murray for one but he says there’s nothing wrong with the kitchen they have.

In an effort to get her dream kitchen, Bev decides to do the remodeling herself in order to save money. Except things don’t go as planned and she ends up with a ruined kitchen. Murray says he’ll get someone to fix it. After he leaves the room, her tears dry up and she admits to Pops that she screwed it all up on purpose.

Beverly comes home later to hear that Murray has redone the kitchen. Shocker: he had it put back exactly the way it was. Bev tells him that he refuses to accept change and has him try Dungarees as a point. He admits he hates change, but together he says he’ll try.

The loving pair update the kitchen: by adding a Lazy Susan in a cupboard. Well, that’s progress!


  • I want to see more Tasty Boys performances.
  • It was weird seeing Murray in jeans. Not sure I can accept that!
  • Hayley Orrantia (Erica) has a beautiful voice and I love it when she gets to showcase her talent.

Photo Courtesy of ABC

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