The Goldbergs: In Conclusion, Thanksgiving


I’ve always been fascinated by small Thanksgiving gatherings. My extended family gets together so there’s usually 10 or more, and odds are someone is going to have hurt feelings. I assume this happens with all families, big or small? On this week’s The Goldbergs, we get to see familial spats and reconciliations.

Adam figures out a way to manipulate Murray into doing anything he wants: play “Cats in the Cradle.” Something about the story gets Murray teary-eyed and he basically gives in to whatever Adam asks for. It doesn’t even have to be the song actually playing, Adam does his Jedi mind-trick by just speaking the lyrics.

Beverly finds out and decides to use the manipulation to her benefit. She wants Murray’s father to come to Thanksgiving so he can see how much her cooking has improved.

Murray’s brother, Marvin, comes but refuses to be under the same house as his father. The elder Goldbergs take turns arguing with each other until Murray ends up with severe back pain. Marvin, who is in chiropractic school, saves the day and everyone is happy again.


  • The competition between Barry and Erica on who could give a better Thanksgiving toast was magical. I have no idea what Barry was even trying to get across but the entire montage was beautiful. And poor Erica trying to one-up her brother.
  • I wanted to cry when Beverly threw away her perfectly good practice turkeys. I’ll gladly take your free food!
  • F-bomb: “It’s Thanks-****ing-giving!”

Photo Courtesy of ABC

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