The Disappearance Preview: The Tree


After last week’s fairly idyllic premiere of The Disappearance, “The Tree” goes a bit darker as the Sullivans fracture in the wake of Anthony’s disappearance. With the case growing cold, the family works their own leads, some of which Anthony left behind as his own trail of clues. 

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Here’s the formal logline for “The Tree” — Cautiously hopeful when a witness comes forward with information about Anthony, Luke and Helen set off on their own to search for their son while Henry becomes obsessed about an item Anthony left behind. Lieutenant-Detective Susan Bowden and Sergeant-Detective Charles Cooper make a mysterious discovery in the park where Anthony’s bicycle was found.

It’s another compelling hour that weaves past and present, and paints a picture of the searing loss that the family has lived with, often in isolation from one another, until the new clues bring them back together. Look for Bellevue and Helix‘s Neil Napier as he begins a recurring role as one of Helen’s patients.

The Disappearance airs Sunday at 9pm ET/PT on CTV. You can watch the entire second episode online now at CTV’s website. In case you missed it, our exclusive interview with Peter Stebbings, who directs the entire series, is here.

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