Sweet Streams: What Would Sal Do?

What Would Sal Do

Today’s Sweet Streams pick is What Would Sal Do? This side-splitting comedy, created by Andrew DeAngelis and produced by New Metric Media (Letterkenny), recently premiered on CraveTV in Canada.

Here is the official trailer:


Set in Sudbury, Ontario, Sal is the 30-year-old slacker son of a devoutly Catholic single mom. The self-proclaimed entrepreneur’s life takes an interesting turn when his mother tells him that his was a virgin birth, making him the Saviour. The first season follows Sal as he tries to make sense of this news while facing the challenges of trying to be a good person.

What Would Sal Do? stars Dylan Taylor (Rogue, Covert Affairs) as Sal Camilucci, the alleged second coming of Jesus, Jennifer Dale (Power Play, Rumours) as his virgin mother, Maria, Scott Thompson (Hannibal, Kids in the Hall) as Father Luke, parish priest and Maria’s confidante, Ryan McDonald (Fringe) as Sal’s best friend, Vince, and Tiio Horn (Hemlock Grove, Defiance) as Nicole, a massage attendant that has caught Sal’s eye. The first episode also guest stars rising comedic superstar K. Trevor Wilson.

You might like this if you are a fan of Letterkenny, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, or other irreverent comedies.

Photo Courtesy of CraveTV

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