Suits: Uninvited Guests


This week was the last episode of Suits before next week’s season finale. Things are coming to a head, with Daniel Hardman and Jack Soloff revealing their plans to destroy Jessica and the firm.

The episode opened with Rachel and Mike being adorable in bed. He says he feels like he never thanked her enough for having his back. she tells him that she’ll always have his back.

The partners vote in the matter of Harvey’s suspension. It ends up tied eight to eight, which means the motion won’t carry. Jack says he has more business: Daniel Hardman just signed a billion dollar client and, in exchange for sharing that client, he’d like to return to the firm on a trial basis. Jack says they should let the partners decide. Jessica says, “I don’t need to let the partners decide because this is my decision. And my decision is this goddamn meeting is adjourned.”

Daniel Hardman drops in on Donna. He says he has something he needs to leave with Harvey. Donna says that means he should leave it with Harvey’s secretary. Daniel asks her, “How long has it been since Harvey dumped you onto Louis’s desk?” Harvey and Louis tell Daniel that his plan to worm his way back into the firm has failed. Daniel says that since they’re not interested in what he has to say, he’ll go see Jessica.

Rachel gets lunch with her mother, who wants to put an announcement of her marriage in the New York Times. Rachel knows this would expose Mike’s secret, so she says that she doesn’t want this announcement. Her mom can tell it’s odd for her to not want this.

Rachel snaps at Donna at work, so Donna asks what’s going on. She says that her mom wanted to put a wedding announcement in the New York Times and her wedding guest list includes the attorney general and the Dean of Harvard Law. Donna says that she needs to say she doesn’t want a big wedding. She says, “Rachel, this is the type of argument that every mother has with her daughter about her wedding. She’s never gonna think that Mike’s a fraud.”

Harvey and Mike go to Giannopoulis and Sidwell, knowing that they are fierce rivals. They explain that they’re pitching both of them the same deal. Whoever calls first will have a major deal over the other for the rest of their life. Their scheme works and both CEOs say they’re in. It’s a well-done sequence that feels very classic Suits. 

Louis visits Benjamin the computer guy and asks him to hand over every record that has anything to do with Jack Soloff.

Rachel goes to Donna again. Donna assures her that her mom isn’t going to figure Mike’s secret out. Rachel says, “You don’t get it. I’m thinking about telling my mom the truth.” Donna reminds her that this would be a secret she would have to keep from Rachel’s father for the rest of her life.

Mike and Harvey tell Daniel that they’ve got the funding to match his offer. Harvey also tells Daniel that Mike pissed on his bonsai.

Mike and Harvey get a drink to celebrate sticking it to Hardman. Mike brings up Harvey telling Daniel he peed in his bonsai. Harvey says, “I didn’t say you peed in his bonsai. I said you pissed in it. What are you, five?”

Louis is freaking out because he can’t figure out what Daniel has on Jack. Donna tells him that last time Harvey and Mike went up against Daniel, they got stoned first. He asks, “Are you suggesting we take the pot?” She says, “It worked for them.” Louis asks, “Do I look like someone who needs to be hungry and paranoid?”

Rachel’s mother blindsides Mike, getting him alone so she can ask why her daughter, who always dreamed of a big wedding, suddenly doesn’t want one. Mike thinks fast and says that he asked her to keep the wedding small because he doesn’t have family or a lot of people he can invite. Rachel’s mom tells him, “If you could find it in your heart to let my daughter have the wedding she has always wanted, I’m telling you she’ll remember it for the rest of her life.”

Mike asks Rachel why she didn’t tell him about fighting with her mother. She talks about how overwhelming it’s been trying to keep this secret with everything her mom wants to do. She says, “I don’t want you getting caught.” He asks, “You don’t want me to get caught or you don’t want to marry me?” Seriously, Mike? How could you say that?

Louis tells Jessica that he thinks Jack Soloff will make a deal to take a stand against Hardman if they make him a named partner. Jessica tells him to have Jack come see her.

Jack walks into Jessica’s office. She says, “The only thing I’m prepared to do is give you a chance to come to Jesus. And you’re looking at her.” She says that if he resigns she’ll waive his non-compete clause. He replies, “You resign and I waive your non-compete.”

Harvey visits Charles Forstman in jail. He knows he’s been funding Daniel and threatens to have him sent to Rikers if he doesn’t stop. He says that he’ll stop giving Daniel money if Harvey resigns. He says that he doesn’t care about Daniel Hardman of the firm and tells him, “All I want to do is see you get down on your knees and say, ‘I quit.’”

In the final scene, Mike meets up with Trevor. He says that, despite what happened between them, he’s the closest thing that Mike has to family and he’d like him at his wedding. Trevor says he can’t. He’s married now and he’s turned his life around. He reminds Mike that he’s breaking the law and advises him to quit. Mike asks, “You almost got caught, didn’t you?” Trevor says, “No, I just couldn’t take it anymore.”

Everyone’s being asked to quit. Maybe they should and next season can be about them hanging out in Palm Springs, just day drinking and enjoying their money.

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