Suits: Toe to Toe


This week’s Suits started with one of Harvey’s dreams. I am so sick of this device. So sick of it. This particular dream was about him walking in on Travis Tanner having sex with Donna.

Louis tells Jessica that he wants to make things right by declaring Jack’s new rule about compensation against firm rules. Jessica says that he can’t do this in a sneaky way, he needs to actually convince the senior partners to reverse the policy.

Travis Tanner walks into Pearson, Specter and Litt. Gretchen intercepts him before he can blind-side Harvey.

Rachel tries to help Louis find a big contingent client for Jack Soloff that’ll make him want to overturn the vote about restructuring salary. They go through every possibility together and none of them are viable. Rachel calls it a day and promises to help him work on it tomorrow morning.

Mike and Harvey go to court against Tanner. He says that the contract his client, Alyssa Lang, signed with their client, Tim Petrov, was signed when she was only 16 so it’s not enforceable. When Harvey asks him why he didn’t tell them he had this information before, Tanner says they were the ones who ignored his settlement. He says that Alyssa Lang is bringing a sexual harassment lawsuit against their client if they don’t take their offer.

Harvey sees his psychiatrist. So sick of this device, too. His psychiatrist comments that Harvey talks about family as if it were sacred, but he’s never married or had a family of his own. Uuuuuuuuugh.

Mike purposely runs into Alyssa Lang, despite the fact that this is not actually allowed. He reminds her that falsely accusing someone of sexual harassment is a criminal offense. She says there’s nothing in the complaint that isn’t factually correct.

Harvey and Mike are getting hot dogs when Tanner talks to them. He starts yelling at Harvey about how Donna has left him just like his mom left his dad. I hate everything about this. This writing is just the worst.

Harvey talks to his psychiatrist about Tanner. She asks why he doesn’t believe in second chances. Harvey reminds her what Tanner said, then says he’s given lots of people second chances. He lists them off: Louis, Mike, Scotty, Donna, his brother. He says “my…” and trials off before he can say “mother.” Subtle, guys.

Louis goes to Jessica and admits that he’s the one who left Harvey’s compensation in the copy machine. Jessica tells him that what he needs to do know is get Jack Soloff to come to her office.

Louis returns to Jessica’s office with Jack. Jessica tells him that Louis has told her that it was Jack who put Harvey’s salary out there. Jack starts to say that he can prove he didn’t do it, but stops himself. Jessica knows he stopped himself from admitting he knows that Louis did it, because she could still fire him for knowing this and withholding it from her. Jessica tells him, “I’d rather fire you both than let you push me around.” She says that Jack either has to tell the other partners the new proposal is against the by-laws or leave. After he’s gone, Louis asks her, “You knew this whole thing would play out this way the second you started, right?” He asks when he’ll learn not to defy her. She says, “You’re not going to learn. But as long as I know that, we’ll be okay.”

Louis finds out that Donna is willing to go mudding with him at a spa. When Rachel walks into his office, he tells her, “Rachel, I can’t talk right now. I’m going mudding with Donna.” Rachel tells him, “No, Louis, you’re going mudding with both of us.” He gets so excited he does an actual pratfall? Remember how there is actually a portion of this show that makes Louis Litt seem like an incredibly intriguing and nuanced character? And yet, lately, they choose to always do scenes like this with him.

Harvey sees the psychiatrist again so we can end on the most expository and annoying note possible. He tells her that his dream really was about Donna. I cannot believe that secret was worth an entire episode build up. Who cares? It’s just a dream and he’s also exclusively been talking about his feelings for Donna since he started seeing this psychiatrist. But, it gets even more annoying because she tells him that Donna actually represented his mother. I assume she’s just basing this on the fact that he’s a boring male protagonist in anything? So it has to be about his mother? He tells her, “You have no idea what bringing up my mother is to me!” Is this supposed to be interesting? She says that he needs to deal with his issues. He says, “We’re done.” If only that were true.

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