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This week’s Suits opened with Jessica telling Louis not to be petty with Jack Soloff. She says this his petty behavior makes him always end up in escalating feuds. She says, “If you let your pettiness get the better of you with Jack, so help me god, you will not be the one left standing.”

Gretchen tells Harvey that Sam Tull (from Season 1) wants to meet him. Harvey doesn’t remember him at all. Gretchen reminds him that the last time they met up, Harvey threatened to kick his ass. That doesn’t narrow it down.

Harvey meets with Sam Tull in a conference room. Harvey doesn’t want to work with him since he was willing to let an innocent person go to jail. He says that now he’s an innocent person who could go to jail — he’s being accused of making unauthorized trades. Harvey says he’ll help him but that if he finds out he’s lying he’ll “beat the shit out of you.”

Mike tells Donna he needs help with the wedding. She jokingly says, “What? We’re getting married? Mike, this is so sudden. I’m gonna have to think about it. What about Rachel? Oh, who cares about Rachel. I love you.” Mike asks if he’s done with the bit and insists this is serious. He needs help booking the Plaza Hotel on Rachel’s birthday for their wedding. Donna says that he’s done the right thing by coming to her and she’ll help him.

Dominic Barone from McKernon Motors wants Mike and Louis to help him finalize a deal with his good friend. He wants the to close in two weeks. Louis says they need time to do due diligence. Dominic says he already has a handshake deal with his friend.

Donna is struggling with getting the Plaza. Gretchen tells her not to let Mike see her sweat. Donna insists she’s not sweating, but Gretchen says that she can see she doesn’t have anything. Donna informs her that this is what she does. Gretchen says she’s been doing this since Donna was just an itch in her dad’s pants. Donna asks, “Did you just quote Lethal Weapon to me?” Gretchen says, “You got that. Maybe you do have something.”

Jessica stops by Rachel’s office and asks about the wedding plans. Then she asks Rachel how Harvey is doing and tells her to keep an eye on him. This is odd and I’m not sure why they didn’t just put in a genuine scene between Jessica and Harvey to hit on their friendship, instead of doing it by proxy. Don’t get me wrong. I love scenes between Jessica and Rachel. But, I want them to be about the relationship between Jessica and Rachel, not about Harvey.

Harvey talks to Dr. Agard, who’s been asked to testify against Sam. She says that she has no choice. Harvey tells her that if they ask her something that will send him to jail, she should lie. She says that she has notes and Harvey says that she should destroy them. He claims that if she’s not willing to protect an innocent man, no one can ever trust her.

When Dr. Agard has to give her testimony, she acknowledges that Sam said he felt guilty, which the lawyer twists to mean he said he is guilty. Harvey uses what Dr. Agard has told him previously by saying it’s possible she feels pressured by the client who’s paying her and asks, didn’t she previously let someone die just because she was pressured by a client. I hate everything about this.

Harvey needs Dr. Agard’s help with the case. He tells her that he did what he had to do to keep Sam out of prison and he needs her files. She says that her files don’t say what he wants them to say. He says that he’s going to use them to bluff.

Donna admits to Gretchen that she never welcomed her to the firm and she should have. Gretchen tells Donna a story about dropping her daughter off at school when she wasn’t ready to move on. She says, “You didn’t welcome me to the firm because you weren’t ready to see your little girl move on.” Donna asks, “Are you saying Harvey is my little girl?” She says, “I’m saying you weren’t ready to move on.” Donna says, “You’re alright, Gretchen.”

Mike tells Rachel that he got the Plaza Hotel on Rachel’s birthday for their wedding. She asks, “How did you do it? That must be impossible.” He says, “No, it was a piece of cake.” She asks, “You went to Donna, didn’t you?” He says, “That’s why it was a piece of cake.” They smile at each other and remind us that at this point they are by far the best thing about this show.

In the final scene, Jessica visits Jack Soloff. She tells him that he needs to drop Fletcher Engines because they’re a competitor of McKernon Motors. Jack says he will, but by that afternoon everyone will know that she chose a mid-size client over a giant just because Harvey Specter has an attachment to them and she has an attachment to Harvey. She tells him, “I admire people who challenge me, Jack. But there’s a limit to that and you are on the edge. So let me be clear: this is your last chance to work with me. Take it and you can have a future. Don’t and you can go ask Daniel Hardman for a job. Because we both know that’s how you got the idea for Fletcher Engines in the first place.”

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