Suits: No Refills


This week’s Suits opens with Harvey telling Gretchen he expected her to ask for a raise after seeing how much he makes. She tells him that she didn’t look at how much he makes and that anyone who did should be fired.

Jessica meets with Robert Zane. She tells her that Pearson Specter Litt is taking half the contingency from his health insurance case. He says that he’ll only give them a third and she reminds him that they brought this case to him. He reminds her that he’s footing the bill, so the fee discussion is over. She says, “Well, this fee decision may be over, but the power discussion is just getting started.” He asks, “You don’t give a shit about the money, do you?” She says, “For this particular case, all I give a shit about is keeping you in check.” She says that for the duration of the case, he’ll be treating Mike Ross like a partner. She says, “Because this is my case and you’re gonna do it my way or you don’t do it at all.” As she leaves, Robert murmurs, “I love you.”

Louis gives Donna a music box as a present. He says he wants to make sure they’re okay. She tells him that she’s not okay. He asks what he can do. She says to start by never putting him in a position like the one she put him in regarding Harvey’s compensation again. He says he won’t.

Harvey is still at war with Jack. Gretchen brings Harvey information on Jack’s third biggest client. He looks at it and asks, “And?” She tells him, “Look where he’s from.” It turns out, Jack’s big client is from Philadelphia and Harvey can use his friendship with Charles Barkley to win him over and steal him away from Jack.

Mike and Robert visit Emma, one of the defendants in the insurance case. Mike tells her that he knows what she’s going through because the first year after losing someone, you can’t get it out of your head. After two or three years, you start to feel normal and start to believe that this thing won’t actually scar you for the rest of your life, but then one day something reminds you and all of a sudden, it’s the day you got that news all over again. She asks, “So you have gone through something like this yourself?” He tells her it’s the entire reason that he became a lawyer. Robert tells her it’s taken time to get the particulars of her case, but it’s worth the wait because they’re an all-star team. She asks, “Where do I sign?”

Mike and Robert talk about settlement with the lawyers representing the insurance company. The lawyers try to pressure them to take a weak settlement by saying that they’ll bury them in paperwork. Mike and Robert tell them they’re two huge law firms. The lawyer tries to pressure them again by reminding them that this case won’t pay salaries. Robert says, “Then doesn’t it come in handy to have a twenty billion dollar hedge fund footing the bill?” They tell them they’ll see them in court.

When they’re back in the car, Mike asks why Robert didn’t tell him about the hedge fund. Robert tells him that people want to see someone in charge and when they look at the two of them, they expect it to be Robert. Mike tells him he had the same idea to go to a hedge fund for money. Robert says, “If you had closed them like I closed my guy, I wouldn’t be standing here explaining myself.”

Back at Mike and Rachel’s house, the most attractive couple on TV snuggles up together. Mike tells her that it’s important to him that her dad respects him. She tells him, “If there’s one thing that I am certain of, it’s that my father respects you.”

Jack goes to Louis and says he wants to hit Harvey where it hurts. He tells him that he picked a side and there’s no going back. Jack hands him a piece of paper. When Louis looks at it, he says, “Absolutely not. I’m not doing that. It’s way too far, Jack!” Jack says it’s what they should’ve done in the first place. Louis says that introducing a resolution like what he’s proposing would violate the bylaws. Jack says, “Well, then you need to do some underhanded shit to make it un-violate the bylaws.” Louis says he’s not doing anything like that again. Jack says, “Too bad. Because you did it once and if you don’t want me telling anybody about it, you’ll do it again.”

Donna tells Louis she overheard this conversation and didn’t hear Louis stand up to Jack. Louis says that he’s not going after Harvey. Donna asks, “You think this is about me protecting Harvey? This is about me protecting me.” Donna tells her that she had to lose her integrity because of him. Louis reveals that Harvey told him that he’s going to take Donna away from him. Louis tells Donna, “I swear that I will never do that to you again, but please do not leave me.” She tells him, “I’m not leaving you, Louis.”

Harvey is already having a panic attack when Jack walks into his office and tells Harvey and Mike he’s going to propose a resolution that will get rid of contingency all together. After Jack leaves, Mike asks if he’s alright and Harvey says, “No.”

Harvey visits his psychiatrist late at night to get more pills. My dude, there are easier ways to go about this. She says that if he needs more pills already he must have taken too many. He says that he threw the pills out.

At the end of the episode, Mike gets Jack to back down. He asks Harvey if he’s okay and Harvey says he’s fine. Mike asks if Harvey is jealous of him and Robert. Harvey sees Louis and tells him that if he ever takes sides with Jack against Harvey again, he’ll bury him.

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