Suits: No Puedo Hacerlo


This week’s Suits started with Mike and Harvey having their usual banter. Harvey accuses Mike of having a crush on Robert Zane. Mike accuses Harvey of being worried that Robert Zane might be better than him.

Louis’s sister Esther drops by to tell Louis she needs a divorce lawyer. He immediately says he’s in and he’ll crush her soon to be ex-husband. She says that she wants Harvey Specter because Louis told her he’s the best lawyer in the city. Louis corrects her and says that he told her he’s his best friend. Esther knows this means that he admires him and barely talks to him. Esther tells him that he knows he’s offended that she doesn’t want him to do it, but she explains that it’s personal to her which means it’ll be personal to him and she can’t have that. She says, “So please, will you get me Harvey?” He tells her he’ll make it happen.

Mike’s crush on Robert Zane is short-lived because when he gets up to his office, he finds out that Robert wants to settle for only $25 million. He wants to take it to trial. Robert yells at him that he needs to leave and wrap his head around taking this offer.

Harvey meets with Esther. She says it’s nice to finally meet the man she’s heard such good things about. Harvey says it’s nice to meet the woman he’s definitely “heard nothing but lies about.” Rachel clearly wants them to just get a room already.

Esther says that she and her husband Jeffrey already agreed that he would take 20% of her company but now he’s fighting that with lawyers. Harvey says that she needs to stay away from negotiations because he’s only going back on their deal to prolong the fight with her, since she’s the one leaving him.

As Harvey and Rachel walk back to his office, Rachel says the moment Harvey walked through the door and saw Esther, he looked like he was struck by a bolt of lightning.

Harvey and Rachel meet with Jeffrey and his lawyer. Jeffrey and his lawyer inform them that Jeffrey put becoming a doctor on hold so that Esther could get her company off the ground and she convinced him to do that by saying that if they divorced, he’d get half the company, which constitutes a verbal contract.

Mike confronts Jessica about authorizing the settlement when Mike didn’t agree with it. He asks if her if this is all just about the money. She says, “Were you born yesterday? The clients are looking for money. We’re looking for money. The insurance company is looking to keep money. It’s always about the money.” She tells him, “Listen to me, I don’t know what you thought marching in here was going to do other than piss me off, but you’re going to march the hell back out because I have better things to do with my time than to explain to you how the world works.” The eternal struggle of this show is that Mike became a lawyer in the first place to help people but keeps trying to make that happen through a corporate law firm.

Katrina talks to Mike and he tells her that he feels like Robert doesn’t care about his clients. Katrina reassures him, saying there’s a lot she could say about Robert but no one can say he doesn’t care about his clients.

Donna stops by Harvey’s office. When she says she wanted to talk to Harvey because she cares about Louis, he cuts her off and says, “That’s not my problem.” She reminds him that she’s not the enemy and that Louis is his partner and his friend and he needs Harvey’s reassurance. Harvey says that she doesn’t get to ask him for help anymore. Donna says that Louis was afraid to let him take this case and she was the one who told him to trust that, at the end of the day, Harvey thinks of them as his family, but now she thinks she was wrong. She says that for twelve years she put him first and the day she finally decided to do something for herself, he started treating her like a stranger.

Louis goes to Rachel to try and get more info on Esther and why she’s divorcing Jeffrey. Rachel tells him that he cheated on her. Louis asks Rachel to promise him that she and Harvey will stick it to “that sack of shit.” She responds, “What do you think I’m working on?”

Mike asks Robert if he knew that Delta Financial, a client of Robert’s, just purchased a huge amount of shares in the insurance company they’re getting a settlement from. Robert tells him that he’s looking him in the eye and telling him he’s an honest man. Mike says now that they’ve discovered this, they have to disclose it. Robert says fine, then bury it deep in the information, because it had nothing to do with his decision and he’s not going to let it blow this deal.

Esther drops by Harvey’s office to ask if she should accept giving Jeffrey 25% of her company. She asks why she should give him that much. Harvey says that even if she doesn’t feel as though he gave up a big part of his life for her, he does. She says, “Tell me I don’t have the right to be angry.” He reminds her that there are children involved and there are things more important in life than being angry. She agrees to give up 25% and tells him that he’s not the Harvey Specter she was expecting. He says that she’s not the Louis’s sister he was expecting. She asks if that’s a good thing and he says “definitely a good thing.” I really wish they’d gotten a Jewish actress to play Esther because all of these comments about how she’s much more beautiful than you’d expect from someone related to Louis are coming off very gross. She asks if he’d like to take her home and he says he would, as soon as she signs the divorce agreement and is no longer his client. She signs it and they leave together.

Louis knocks on Donna’s apartment door late at night. He tells her, “Harvey’s screwing Esther.” He thinks that Harvey is taking advantage of Esther because he got her to agree to 25% and that this is revenge for Louis trying to take away his compensation. She tells him that he’s being paranoid and need to go home.

In the final scene, Harvey approaches Donna’s desk. He tells her, “I wanted to thank you for twelve years.”

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