Suits: Mea Culpa

This week’s episode of Suits opened with Louis looking at his bruised face after Harvey attacked him. He tells Donna that he’s going to sue him. Donna says that families keep things like this in the family. Okay, that metaphor makes no sense. Families should also properly report it if someone assaults someone. There’s a weird pattern in this episode of people acting like Louis is wrong for not wanting to let an attack go.

Jessica asks Jack Soloff why he nominated Mike Ross for junior partner without running it by her. She says she thinks that Jack was just trying to stick it to Harvey. Jack says he’ll retract it and let Harvey nominate him instead. He adds, “Instead of talking to me about this, you should be talking about what happened last night between Louis and Harvey.”

Rachel asks Mike if he’s found a way to turn down the nomination. He says that none of the excuses he’s come up with are good enough. Rachel asks what he’s going to do. Jessica tells him that she’s giving him his first case as a junior partner. She says, “Congratulations, Mike. It may not be what I wanted but I really did mean it when I said you deserve it.” Mike tells Rachel that she can’t believe that just happened. Rachel tells him, “You are the youngest junior partner the firm has ever had. Mike, I’m so proud of you.” He says, “Well, that means there’s only one thing left to do. Rachel Elizabeth Zane, will you be the associate on my first case as junior partner?” She says, “Yes, yes. A thousand times, yes.”

Mike and Rachel discuss their case. Their client is being acquired by Google but opposing counsel claims to have a buying in option. Mike and Rachel are happy and joking around together until Mike sees who the opposing counsel it is: it’s Claire, the girl he used to date who knows that he didn’t really go to law school. Mike says that he needs Rachel to handle the meeting and hurries out.

At the senior partners meeting, Jessica holds a vote about Mike. It’s unanimously passed. She’s ready to end the meeting, but then Louis brings up the attack and says he’s placing Harvey on unpaid suspension. This seems very appropriate. I mean, Harvey will be lucky if that’s all he gets. Jack Soloff points out that the partners have to vote before a suspension can go into effect.

After the meeting, Harvey thanks Jack for standing up to him against Louis. Jack tells him, “I told Mike the reason I went after you in the first place is that everything comes easy to you. But I’m not the only one that feels that way … I may have stopped Louis from suspending you for the moment, but that vote’s not going to go well for you.” Uh, if it’s a vote over whether he assaulted Louis it shouldn’t go well for him. This episode kind of makes me feel like I’ve lost my mind. I keep having to second guess whether we still live in a world where attacking someone is wrong. Jack says that Harvey needs to do something to humble himself.

Rachel sees Claire at her office. She says that she thinks she has a way that both of them can win. When she explains her idea to suggest that her client acquire a different company, Claire seems like she’s on board.

Mike tries to talk to Louis. He says, “Let me put this in terms you might understand. Harvey is Jon Snow, I’m his uncle Benjen and you used me to lure him out so that everybody could stab him to death.” Louis says, “How dare you defile Game of Thrones by comparing Harvey to Jon Snow.”

Even though Claire figures out that Mike is the same Mike Ross she knew, Rachel gets her to agree not to tell. When she sees Mike, she lies and says that Claire didn’t figure it out. She hugs him tightly and says that she realized how much she loves him and she never wants to deny that.

In the final scene, Claire walks out of her office and finds Mike waiting for him. He says that he figured out she knew it was him. He tells her that he wanted to say thank you and that he wants to know why she’s letting it go. She says, “Because Rachel begged me to and she says that she loves you and that you turned your life around.” Mike asks if she believed her. Claire says, “I believe that she loves you, but if you want to know the truth, no I don’t believe that you turned your life around and I definitely don’t believe that you love her.” She says that he convinced her that everything will be okay and someday that’s going to all come crashing down. He asks, “So, you’re saying I should stop being a lawyer?” She says, “I’m saying that if you really love her, you won’t marry her.”

I hope they do find some way for Mike to decide to not keep committing fraud. I know it’s the premise of the show, but it’s getting very repetitive at this point and Claire’s assessment that he hasn’t truly turned his life around is, sadly, accurate.

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