Suits: Hitting Home


This week’s Suits opened with more of Harvey in therapy, so he can, again, say that his mom cheated on his father. Harvey’s mom cheating on his father is a perfectly fine piece of backstory but it’s amazing how much this show expects it to be his entire backstory and how each time it’s brought up, it’s treated as though it’s a reveal. There’s never any development on it. Every single time they’re hitting on the same note and expecting us to always have some deep reaction. It’s frustrating and I jus want to see Harvey do anything genuine besides just reminding us over and over again that his mother was unfaithful.

Jessica finds Daniel Hardman to tell him that she knows he’s colluding with Jack Soloff to take over Pearson, Specter, Litt. She tells him, “Stay the hell out of my house.” He says that he has no interest in her firm, then says, “And I don’t have to enter your house to damage it.”

Jessica tells Jack Soloff he’s fired. She accuses him of spreading word around the office that she told him to drop Fletcher Engines. He says they only know because he told them when he signed Fletcher Engines, not realizing that Jessica would tell him to drop them. He says that he didn’t collude with Daniel Hardman, he went to him for advice and it blew up in his face. He asks her to give him another chance.

Harvey meets with Esther Litt, who’s called him in to ask for help. She says that a man named Kenneth Jackson is suing because she claims that her nut-free muffins set off his allergies. Harvey says that Esther should have Louis handle it.

Esther walks into Pearson, Specter, Litt and runs into Harvey. He reminds her that she said no and she tells him that she’s there to see Louis.

Esther tells Louis that she wants to settle, quickly and quietly. He wants to go after the person suing since it’s wrongful, but she insists he just settle. He agrees and then thanks her for not going to Harvey.

Jack Soloff teams up with Mike for a case. The opposing counsel tries to put off giving Mike and Jack access to their emails. Jack asks if they’ll give them the emails within the week on the condition that they agree not to pursue criminal charges in this matter and opposing counsel agrees to this.

Afterwards, Mike accuses him of going behind his back and getting a deal to benefit himself. Jack says he knew that the other guys would find a way to put draw out the trial endless, so Jack had to do it his way.

Harvey and Donna get dinner. They’re actually getting along again and having a nice moment. Donna tells him that she’s seeing a man named Mitchell. “He’s smart and he’s funny and, best of all, he has nothing to do with the practice of law.” She says that she told Harvey because she wants him to know that she’s not jealous when she says that he needs to tell Louis he’s sleeping with Esther. Harvey says that he doesn’t need to tell Louis because they only slept together one time. Donna asks, “What difference does that make? You promised him you wouldn’t do it at all.” Harvey says that Louis isn’t going to find out, but Donna tells him that someday Louis is going to figure it out. Harvey tells her to mind her own business.

Esther finds out that Louis counter-sued against her wishes. He says that he knows what he’s doing. He says that he didn’t ask her because she wouldn’t have listened to him. She says, “No, you never listen, which is why I wanted to go to Harvey in the first place.” He acknowledges that he should’ve told her before he counter-sued, but he asks her to trust him. This time she says that she can.

Louis asks Donna where she was when he couldn’t reach her. She says that she was having dinner with Harvey. She assures him it was just as friends and that she’s not going back to him. Louis asks if he brought up Esther. He asks her if she thinks it’s possible that anything happened between them. Donna knows that something did happen between them, but she lies to Louis. Louis says, “You’re right. Harvey would never make a promise to me like that and then break it.”

After their case is resolved, Jack has a talk with Mike. He says that he was planning on sucking up to him just to get Jessica to forgive him, but he sees now that he’s the real deal. He says that he can see what Harvey sees in Mike. Mike says that now Jack should give Harvey a second chance too. Jack complains that everything comes easy to Harvey. Mike says, “He’s got his own problems just like everyone else and if you want to get along with me, you better figure out a way to get along with him.”

Donna confronts Harvey about Esther. She says that she had to lie to Louis’s face. Harvey says, “I didn’t ask you to do that.” Donna tells her, “Yes, you did and you know it.” She tells him, “I may have lied to Louis about this once, but I am never, never going to do it again.”

Louis finds out from Donna that Harvey did see Esther. He goes to Harvey’s office and tells him that he knows. Harvey says that he was about to tell him. Louis doesn’t believe him, saying he was never going to tell him. He adds, “What you’re about to do is get your ass kicked.” Harvey tells Louis not to threaten something he can’t handle. Louis tells Harvey he’s a serial womanizer and Harvey punches him. When Louis tries to fight back, Harvey easily pushes him aside and he falls onto Harvey’s table, smashing it. Jessica runs into the office and tells Harvey to get out of there.

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