Suits: Faith

This week’s Suits was the season finale! Harvey, Jessica and Mike were all under pressure to resign. Plus, it was a flashback episode, which I’m always a sucker for. I’ve had my issues with this season, but I will forever be grateful for Mike’s emo hair.

The episode opened with a flashback to the day Mike’s grandma told him that his parents were dead. They’re just immediately going for it emotionally.

Jessica asks Gretchen where Harvey is. She says that she doesn’t know. Jessica tells her, “You better find the hell out.”

In a flashback, Harvey is in his mid-20s and finds his mom cheating yet again. She tells him not to tell his father and insists he would be tearing his family apart if he did. Harvey tells her, “Don’t you dare put this shit on me.”

He talks to his father and almost tells him, but when his father mentions how he’s going to break up his band and finally spend time with his family, Harvey changes his mind.

In the present day, Jessica tells Louis that Jack Soloff is calling for a vote to remove her as managing partner. He asks why he’d do that after she offered to make him named partner. She says, “Because I didn’t offer to make him named partner, I asked him to resign.” When Louis asks what happened to their plan, Jessica says that it wasn’t their plan. It was Louis’s idea and she was never going to do it. Jessica tells him, “You are going to do exactly what I told you to do in the first place. You’re going to find out what Daniel has on that weasel-y son of a bitch and do it before seven o’clock tonight.”

Mike goes to Father Sam Walker (played by Missoula, Montana native Scott Michael Campbell!), a priest who is also Mike’s former Catholic school teacher. He wants to confess formally, but Father Sam says there’s no reason confession has to be done in a dark room and they sit down in the pews of the church. Father Sam says that he doesn’t feel Mike is truly confessing: he wants him to assure him he’s a good person. He says, “I’ve often wondered whether or not I did the right thing by not having you arrested that day.” Mike says that would’ve screwed up his life and Father Sam replies, “Oh and look at how not screwed up it is right now.” Mike asks, “You want to know what kind of man I am?” He hands Father Sam an envelope full of money.

In a flashback, we see that back in high school Mike stole over $900 from the church while he was angry at Father Sam. He took the amount that his parents gave in the collection plate every week.

Back in the present, Harvey tells his psychiatrist about eventually telling his dad about his mom’s affair and doing it in the most brutal way possible. She asks why he felt that he had to tell him in that moment, in that way, and Harvey says that he doesn’t lay down. His psychiatrist suggests that maybe his decision about whether or not to step down for the sake of the firm is about more than “not lying down.”

Louis gets teary-eyed as he tells Jessica that Hardman is going after Esther’s company. Jessica tells him, “I could tell you that if you side with me, we’ll figure out a way to save Esther’s company. But, I have a sister too.” Louis says he’s sorry and Jessica tells him, “Whatever happens, I want you to know Pearson will always consider Litt her partner.” My little heart.

After Louis leaves, Donna walks in and assures her, “If it had been anybody other than his sister, he would never even consider …” Jessica says that she knows and that Donna doesn’t have to apologize for him. She says, “I asked Gretchen to find Harvey this morning. I asked the wrong person.” Donna tells her that she’ll find him.

Mike tells Father Sam that he’s in this position because Trevor put him in this position. Father Sam says, “No, that’s the difference between you and Trevor. He’s accepted that his choices were his own which means he actually wants to change his life.” Mike says he wants to change and wants advice. Father Sam asks why he’s really there. Mike screams, “Because I’m afraid.” Father Sam realizes he’s afraid that if he stops being who he is, Rachel will abandon him. I know this is a good conflict for Mike, but it feels like such a fundamental misjudgment of Rachel’s character. Sure, she loves that Mike is a smart lawyer, but she also respects people who get ahead by actually doing honest work. That was a source of tension between them in the beginning and his status as a fraud seems like, if anything, something she’s grudgingly overlooking because she understands why, not something that makes her want to be with him.

Mike gives Harvey his resignation letter. He tells him, “Harvey, you didn’t just give me my dream. You gave me family.” But, he explains that now he’s starting a new family and he can’t have this lie hanging over them. Harvey understands and tells him, “You weren’t the only one who got more family out of this deal.” Mike holds out a hand to shake hands and instead Harvey hugs him.

In the final scene, Mike is leaving his office with all his things when two people approach him and tell him he’s under arrest for conspiracy to commit fraud. Rachel watches as they handcuff him. Did Father Sam choose not to do a formal confessional so that he could turn him in?

I’m not sure what’s going to happen next season, but I’m excited about the true forward momentum for Mike’s storyline in this finale. The premise of Suits has worked, probably longer than it had any right to, because they did such an incredible job of setting it up and justifying it in the pilot. But, after five seasons it’s become harder and harder to just living life as a fraud. Having him arrested was a bold choice but it feels like the right one at this point.

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