Suits: Denial


This week’s Suits opened with a dream sequence because I guess we’re doing that now. Okay. Fine. Whatever. The dream ends with Jessica telling Harvey, “You can’t even take care of yourself,” followed by Donna telling Harvey, “Sorry, you’re on your own.” Then we see that he’s talking to a psychiatrist about this. He says that he doesn’t want to talk about how he feels, he just wants anti-anxiety pills. I know this is obviously a device, but it’s annoying me. My dude, just go to a regular doctor instead of a psychiatrist. They will happily give you an anti-anxiety prescription without asking you to talk through anything.

Back at the office, Louis tells Donna how worried he is about her leaving him during the two weeks she has to give Harvey. He says that it only took two minutes for Harvey to steal Mike back from him. He’s sure he’ll be able to convince Donna in two weeks.

Donna asks Harvey if he really thought she’d change her mind if he just acted like nothing had changed. Harvey says, “Come on, Louis? How long do you think that’s gonna last?” She reminds him that it’s going to last however long she wants it to last. She gives Harvey her formal notice and gives him a list of potential replacements. He tells her to clean out her desk right away. She says, “This isn’t how two adults who care about each other move on.” He says, “As far as I’m concerned, two adults who care about each other don’t move on at all.”

Jessica finds Harvey and tells him that Kevin Slattery is waiting for him. Harvey says that everyone knows he’s going to go bankrupt and Harvey’s not a bankruptcy expert. Jessica says, “He doesn’t want to declare bankruptcy. He wants you to fight for him.” Harvey says, “Then he’s come to me on the right day” and heads out.

Mike tells Harvey that he’s engaged. Harvey says, “I need a list of every one of Slattery Corp’s creditors.” Mike asks, “Now why would you say that instead of ‘congratulations’?”

Harvey once again visits this season’s lazy exposition device. Whoops, I mean the psychiatrist’s office. She exposits that she knows he’s having panic attacks and he’s scared to death it will happen again.

Rachel tells Mike to cut Harvey some slack because Donna’s leaving him and she’s going to work for Louis. Mike says, “Of course. We’ll cut Harvey all the slack in the world.” That could be the tagline of this show. Mike reminds Rachel that cutting him some slack isn’t the same thing as doing Donna’s job.

Mike says he’s found the most important creditor on the Slattery Corp list, the biggest debt holder. They visit the creditor, a dude named Vince Sanfilippo. They all quote The Silence of the Lambs back and forth for quite a while because these are silly silly boys. they back him into a corner to get him to give Slattery more time.

Louis sees that Harvey has given Donna a can opener as a gift and also sees that she’s holding onto the list of replacement secretaries for Donna. Both of these feed into his fear that Donna is going to leave him for Harvey.

Mike and Rachel, the most aesthetically pleasing couple on TV, have dinner together. Mike tells her that he picked up dinner for her, which is how you get me on board with a couple. I took a long time for me to be won over by Mike/Rachel but all they do is feed each other and make weird pervy comments so I’m here for it. Mike finds out that Rachel missed a test because she stayed late to help Harvey. He worries about her and then makes a weird joke about how this is what happens when she doesn’t wear her collar. Okay, yes, this is a great couple.

Harvey tells Mike that Kevin Slattery is going to lose his company because of a mistake Rachel made. Mike reminds him that it’s more accurate to say that he’s losing his company because Harvey refused to hire a new secretary. Is this going to be the season where I start liking Mike much much more than Harvey? It feels like that’s what’s happening but I’m not ready to accept that.

Harvey tells Donna that he needs her to give him two weeks after all. She reminds him that she turned down those two weeks and now she’s swamped in work from Louis.

Harvey walks his psychiatrist through how his panic attacks typically work and how they’re making him throw up.

Donna hashes out things with Louis, getting him to be less paranoid that she’s going to leave him. He notices the can opener Harvey gave her. Louis says that they should have a ritual of their own. Donna tells him, “Let’s worry about that after we win our first big case.”

Jessica has a drink with Harvey and offers to undo this. Harvey says, “As long as Donna wants to work for Louis, I’m not gonna force her to work for me.” Jessica asks if he’s thought about what will happen if she doesn’t come back. He tells her, “She will.”

Harvey tells his psychiatrist about this and she says, “This Jessica sounds like a hell of a woman.” Harvey asks, “What does that have to do with anything?” Does this psychiatrist want Jessica’s number or …

Donna drops by Rachel’s office to congratulate her on the engagement. She figured it out because she recognized Rachel’s glow. I feel like the previews for this season really wanted this to read as being a hint at pregnancy but I can’t tell if that was a mislead or not. Donna tells Rachel that no matter what’s going on in Donna’s life, Rachel should never be afraid to tell her about the good things going on in her life. This should be the show.

Harvey finally remembers to be a pal and congratulates Mike on his engagement and takes him out to celebrate.

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