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Who’s ready for another Suits recap? I know I am. Mike meets up with Harold and Jimmy, two of the other former associates, to tell them about his engagement to Rachel. So, this is what passes for your friend group now, huh, Mike?

Harvey has to pick a replacement secretary. He scans a row of beautiful women, then selects one older, larger woman. After asking if she’s good at what she does, he tells her she can start tomorrow. This scene feels so gross and insulting– both to the woman who was hired and all the women who weren’t on account of being too sexy.

Harvey’s friend and client Teddy, who owns a sneaker business, tells him that he wants to sell the company to Adidas, but Harvey is distressed when he finds out that the offer he’s considering is for a third of what the company is worth. Harvey asks for time to get him a better offer and Teddy gives him 72 hours.

Louis encourages Jack, the head of compensation at the firm, to bring up salary changes that would negatively impact Harvey at a meeting just so Louis can shoot it down in front of Harvey and show that he has his back. Oh, Louis. When it doesn’t work because Harvey doesn’t care about him having his back, Louis lays out the fact that he engineered this whole thing, like that would win Harvey over. He accuses him of being jealous of him and Donna. Harvey asks why he’s still paying Donna’s salary if he’s so upset. He explains he’s always paid most of Donna’s salary because Jessica didn’t want to hire a secretary for an associate when he first joined the firm and he’s continued increasing it to keep the salary fair in his view. Louis yells at him that from now on the only one paying Donna’s salary will be him.

Louis goes to Jessica to find out how much Donna’s salary is. She shows him the number. He asks if there’s any way the firm could pay it. Jessica says that he can either tell Donna that Harvey’s been paying his salary and he’s not going to do that for her, pay it himself or return Donna to Harvey. He storms out of her office.

Now that he needs to find a way to pay Donna, Louis takes a second look at Jack’s plan to change the way lawyers at the firm are compensated. Harvey knows that he’s only proposing this to get the money to pay Donna. Jessica tells Louis she will slap him and he leaves. But, once he’s gone, Jessica tells Harvey that he’s taking his Donna anger out on Louis and he needs to stop. She tells him that she’ll slap him too.

Jessica asks Mike why he wants to bring a case against a major insurance company. She asks why he’d take this case on contingency when everyone they’re representing is poor. She says that she’s not funding it because there’s too much risk and tells him to dump the case.

Donna finds Harvey’s income statements and asks Louis why they were sitting in the copy machine. Louis asks why she’s taking Harvey’s side over his. Donna says that she’s not taking his side, she’s stopping Louis from making a mistake. Louis says that she’d never stop Harvey. Donna says that Harvey would never do something like this but, if he did, he would definitely stop him. Louis tells her it’s time for her to decide if she’s with him or not and snatches the income statement away, heading for the copy room.

Rachel asks Mike why she signed the prenup her dad made for them. Mike says that he went to see her dad because she wants him to trust him. Rachel says that her dad doesn’t trust anyone, which is why she’s not interested in his marital advice. Mike says that he’s learned to trust her dad and that he knows he’s just doing this to protect Rachel. He says that he never had a father who could protect him and that Rachel should try and see where her dad is coming from.

Mike meets up with Jimmy again and Mike tells him that he can’t take the insurance case. Jimmy gets angry and Mike doesn’t understand why he can’t return the case to him. Jimmy admits that his uncle is one of the victims in the case and that Jimmy doesn’t actually have enough influence at his firm to get him to take the case. He apologizes for not telling Mike this outright, but tells him these people need Mike’s help.

Jack asks Harvey how he can justify how much money he makes. Harvey asks how he found this confidential information and Jack says that it was left in the copy machine and every partner’s scene it. Harvey says, “I earn every penny I make” and Jack replies, “We’ll see about that.” He says that he’s called for a vote tomorrow about changing the compensation policy. He tells Harvey “your gravy train’s about to leave the station.” Ignore what he is doing, this is serious.

Harvey confronts Louis about the income statement. Louis claims he must’ve done it by accident, but Harvey knows that he did this to come after him. Louis says they’re friends and they can move past this. Harvey says that if he wants to get past it, he should admit what he did. Louis says he can’t give Jessica the chance to fire him. Harvey says it’s going to happen. Louis says he doesn’t have proof that he was the one who left it in the copier.

Mike visits Robert Zane, bringing him homemade chicken nuggets to win him over. Robert asks if she signed the prenup. Robert says he’ll respect her decision. Mike says there’s another reason he’s there. He tells him that Jessica won’t go for the insurance case. He tells Robert, “I need someone like you to fight for them and I can’t do it, so I’m asking you to.” Robert asks if he thinks this case is a winner and when Mike says yes, Robert says, “Then what do you say we do it together?”

Harvey tells Louis that he’s going to make sure Donna is taken away from him. He tells him, “One day, you’re going to walk into your office and she’s going to be gone.”

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