Here are the stars of The Televixen – the people that make this site tick!

Melissa Girimonte – Founder and Editor-in-Chief (@thetelevixen)

Jennifer Bragg – Managing Editor (@KitCouchPotato)

Sara Blue – Assistant Editor (@janie_jones)
Kayti Burt – Editor (@kaytiburt)
Bill Dean – Editor, Web Consultant, and Contributor (@bil742)
Heather M. – Senior Editor (@approximofnice)
Kate Linnea Welsh – Senior Editor and Columnist (@katelinnea)

Jayne Balke – Contributor (@jayneymoo)
Kacey Bange – Contributor (@kaceybange)
Christina Bee – Contributor (@ChristinaBeeMe)
Jenni Bradley – Contributor (@JenDBradley)
Erin Brown – Contributor (@speedmouse)
Laurel Brown – Contributor (@DocBrown_TV)
Sheryl DaSilva – Photographer and Contributor (@seishina)
Lisa Eastham – Contributor (@itslisae)
Maura Kate Elliott – Contributor (@maurae)
Sunny Hope – Contributor (@FannishSunny)
Johnni Macke – Contributor (@johnnimacke)
Elena Rivera – Contributor (@ElenaIsAwesome)
Lisa Shininger – Contributor (@ohseafarer)

About the Author

Melissa Girimonte, aka The Televixen, is a Toronto-based writer and podcaster. After freelancing with print and online magazines for several years, she channeled her life-long passion for TV into, where she serves as Founder and Editor-in-Chief. She is an avid two-screen viewer and social media aficionado that adores being part of the online community. When not watching or writing about television, she enjoys travelling to pop culture events across North America.