Pure Preview: Baptism


[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]

Pure wraps up its freshman season Monday night with an emotional episode that finds Noah and Anna forced to cross lines to protect their family and Bronco to dig in and prove to himself and O’Reilly that he’s more than the cliché he would seem to be.

pure 1-6

Inside the compound, Noah juggles with the fallout from last week’s episode; outside, Bronco works desperately to free him from Eli’s grip.

pure 1-6-3

At home, Anna realizes she and her family are in danger from Gerry so she makes an emotional plea to Joey that’s perhaps a little too familiar. And Isaac moves forward toward his baptism, not completely in the loop about the peril his family faces at home and in Mexico.

pure 1-6-2

In the middle of that, Eli and Noah have a conversation about faith and God and Eli reveals why he’s not particularly sold on either concept.

pure 1-6-5

The Pure season finale airs Monday at 9pm ET on CBC. No word yet on a renewal, but we have a ton of story left to tell, with a fantastic cast, so I hope we get one.

If you missed any episodes, they’re online now at CBC’s website. Here are a couple of sneak peeks of “Baptism.”



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