Private Eyes Preview: Now You See Her

Private Eyes

This week on Private Eyes, Shade and Angie add a little culture to their lives when they’re hired by Antoine (Jocelin Haas of Hallmark Channel’s Summer Villa), the conductor of the city orchestra, to find his missing and presumed dead fiancée, Laura (Shoot the Messenger‘s Hannah Anderson).

[Warning: General spoilers ahead.]


Things get complicated when they find out Laura’s disappearance was one of Nolan’s cases, and he’s less-than-helpful about exploring the idea that maybe Laura is still alive. Antoine is undeterred, and as his confidence grows that he know what, and who, he saw, they dig deeper to learn the truth.


Shade’s Dad rattles his cage on the home front with mysterious, unexplained health-related phone calls and paperwork, but we get to the bottom of that, too, by the end of the episode.

It’s a very sweet outing, and it solidifies that Angie and Shade are essentially family at this point as each steps up for the other when they need a shoulder. I love their dynamic this season. Zoe is a nice fit, too — she’s really good at her job and telling the duo when they need to solve their own stuff because *that’s* not what she’s there for.


Private Eyes airs Thursdays at 8/7c on Global TV. If you need to catch up, all the Season 2 episodes are online now.

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